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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Lúcar, Sierra de las Estancias Village

Lúcar is located in the Sierra de las Estancias, in its southern side, facing Almanzora and Los Filabres, whose origin lies in its springs, which nowadays still constitute the most important attraction of this beautiful and quiet village distinguishable from far by the old clock tower that stands above the rest of the town.

The municipality limits with: Oria, Tíjola and Somontín.

Lúcar comes from the name of Latin origin, the word Lucus which means sacred grove or forest. In the Libro de Apeo y Población, 1571 this place is recorded like forest harvesting and Madoz said in 1848 that “it has pines and scrublands of fuel and charcoal.”

We have collected evidences of the existence of this town in Roman times, and even in prehistoric times. After the Christian conquest in the late XV century, the Catholic Monarchs give this town the master of the house of Aguilar, Alonso Fernández de Córdoba.

Before the Moorish revolts in 1568 this village had 621 Moriscos and 5 old Christians. After the expulsion of the Moorish from the Kingdom of Granada in 1570, it was repopulated by people from outside it as stipulated in the pragmatics of Philip II.

In the middle of the XIX century Madoz speaks about the existence of linen mills and soap and an important mining activity, abandoned nowadays, with the extraction of copper, malachite and azurite.

In our century, in the 60’s, part of the population is forced to emigrate. Nowadays its economy is based on the cultivation of olive and almond trees, the forest exploitation and a mining license in memory of others granted in the last century.

Lúcar Monuments

Parish Church.
Urban Area.
Barriada y Fuente de Cela

Lúcar Gastronomy

The dishes in Lúcar are an example of the gastronomic quality in the Alto Almanzora, we can emphasize some of them: Potaje blanco. Garlic soup. Migas. Olla de trigo. Gurullos. Porridge. Stewed leg of lamb. Hornazos.

Lúcar – How to get there

You have to exit Almería towards: N-340 – Murcia – Ronda de Almería – A-92 – Granada. Take the exit towards: Salida 453 – Viátor – Base Militar La Legión – A-92 – Guadix – Granada. At the roundabout, take the salida 4 and continue along: A-92. Take the exit towards: Salida 373/376 – Tabernas – Murcia – N-340a. Pass near Tabernas and Benitorafe. Cross Olula del Río and pass by Purchena. In the area around Tíjola, turn right: ALP-404, continue until you get Lucar.

Distances from Lúcar

Tíjola 7 km
Higueral 14 km
Bayarque 11 km
Almería 107 km
Tabernas 72 km
Purchena 15 km
Benitorafe 42 km
Olula del Río 21 km
Armuña de Almanzora 9,5 km

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