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Villages in Huelva

Lucena del Puerto

Villages in Huelva

Lucena del Puerto

Lucena del Puerto is situated 81 metres above sea leveland belongs to the Judicial District of Moguer and is 24 kilometres from the capital. It covers an area of 64.4 km2 and has a population of more than 2,000 inhabitants. It was part of the ancient dominion of Condado de Niebla until the nineteenth century. Limits with Trigueros, Niebla, Bonares, Moguer y Almonte.

The History of Lucena is a history is only partially written, therefore, there are some reservations as to its veracity. It appears that the first settlers arrived in the area during the course of the Upper Palaeolithic evidenced by the remains found in the in the reservoir area of La Dehesa. In the same place remains of Neolithic and Bronze Age have also been found.

The presence of these peoples is only alleged as it has not yet been possible to do an archaeological survey on that site as well as many others such as those sites that show evidence of Roman remains around Valbuena and Cortijo de la Luz.

The origins of the first documented settlers go back to medieval times, but the current centre seems to have been was conceived during the Arab period, probably built on the remains of Roman villas.

Doñana National Park

Lucena del Puerto Monuments

Parish Church of St. Vincent.

Convent of Light XVI century.

Lucena del Puerto Archaeological sites

Boabdil Prison, in Castillo del Moral.


Typical dishes are the “toast” and the medley of lamb. The region has typical good pastries as well as good wines.

Getting There

  • 1.- From Seville, take the A-49 towards Huelva
  • 2 – Once on the motorway, take the exit that says “Niebla- Bonares” which is about 60 km. from Seville
  • 3 – Follow signs to Bonares, come to a gas station called CAMPSA. Later, there is a road to the right signposted “San Juan del Puerto-Lucena del Puerto”

Distances from Lucena del Puerto

Huelva 24 km
Niebla 14 km
Moguer 13 km
Bonares 7,5 km
Trigueros 19 km
San Juan del Puerto 12 km

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