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Lucena, monuments, churches, chapels, hermitages, palaces and castle

Lucena – Jesus Nazareno Chapel

Lucena, monuments, churches, chapels, hermitages, palaces and castle

Jesus Nazareno Chapel Lucena

The Jesus Nazareno Chapel is located in the monumental town center of Lucena, in Curados Street, near the Condes de Santa Ana Palace.

Neoclassical style chapel.

In the inside it is venerated the image of Jesus Nazarene (XVI century) and the Sacred Buiral, by Pedro de Mena Gutiérrez. XIX century.

Jesús Nazareno Chapel - Lucena - CórdobaBuilt in neoclassical style, it has a rectangular floor plan, organizing the interior by means of two circular spaces that are joined by a semicircular arch, the one at the head being the original section of the temple. The roofs of these spaces are domes, the first decorated with gallons where openings open, some of them blind. That of the second section is reduced instead. The entire building is surrounded by an architrave and frieze that rests on back-to-back pilasters with Corinthian capitals.

On the outside, the façade made of white stone stands out, which although very simple in its composition, is of great harmony, being able to connect with the projects of the best neoclassical architects of the court. It is flanked by attached Tuscan pilasters that stand on pedestals supporting a frieze decorated with triglyphs and metopes and a triangular pediment. Above the arched entrance opening, a frame in which the anagram J.H.S. and the date 1844

* Chapelle de style neo-classique. On y venere l´image de Notre Pere Jesus Nazareno (XVIe siècle) et celle de la mise au tombeau de Jesus, execute par Pedro de Mena Gutierrez. XIXe siecle. Read more…

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