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Lucena, monuments, churches, chapels, hermitages, palaces and castle

Lucena – Madre de Dios Conventual Church

Lucena, monuments, churches, chapels, hermitages, palaces and castle

Madre de Dios Conventual Church Lucena

The Madre de Dios Conventual Church is located in the monumental town of Lucena, next the the San Francisco Fountain, Street Cervantes with San Francisco, just few minutes from Santo Domingo Parish Church, in the town of Lucena, Córdoba province.

With the Latin cross ground plan and luminous dome above the transep, it is highlighted by the choir stalls, its altarpieces and above all its Baroque coister and fountain. XVII and XVIII century.

Plan en forme de croix latine et dome lumineux à la croisée du transept.

Remarquons les stalles de son choeur, son retable, et tout particulièrement son cloitre et sa fontaine baroques. XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles.

Iglesia Conventual de la Madre de Dios de Lucena

Lucena Historical Center

The town center sits on a gentle slope facing north, in the highest area of the Valle del Arroyo del Rigelo. Its most significant altitudes are: the Plaza. of the Coso, 489.5 m.; the New Square, 487.0 m.; the Church of San Juan, 496.5 m.; El Carmen, 501.5 meters; The Round of S. Francisco., 463.0 m.; Paseo de Rojas (in front of the Health Center), 482.0 m.

Its urban center is clearly delimited by the rounds. Its interior, with a little differentiated plot, is organized around the Coso (Plaza de España), from whose nucleus a radial road starts, and around which there is a more or less concentric road, which connects the radial axes. Read more…

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