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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Lugros, Guadix Region

Lugros is situated in the province of Granada, on a hill in one of the banks of the Rio Alhama, south-east of the capital and about 62 kilometers distant. The municipality measures about 63 km2, sitting approximately in the middle of the Sierra Nevada massif, while to the east a large part of the municipality stands within the limits of the Sierra Nevada Natural & National Park .

Lugros limits with the neighboring municipalities of La Peza, Polícar, Güejar Sierra and Cogollos de Guadix.

The origin of the town seems to be in the lower Imperial era, more specifically at the time of the Mozarabic epoch, although other sources believe that its origins precede even these times. After the reconquest, the region was repopulated by ‘Old Christians’. During the Nazari period the town was under the jurisdiction of Beas de Guadix (then Beas of the Captives), the town over time continued to be under this jurisdiction in one way or another.

The region has many archaeological remains of the early search for metals in the area, one of which is the remnants of an old smithy, now completely in ruins.

The derivation of the name of the town is of Latin origin, derived from “lupus” (wolf), an animal which must have been common in these parts at the time. Over the years the name changed through “Lubero” and “Lubro” to finish with the current Lugros. The inhabitants of Lugros are known as “lugreños” though they are sometimes wrongly called “Lurenos” and the town also wrongly called Luros. In other older times the town was known as “lubrises” and “lubries”.

Lugros Monuments

Parish Church of San Antonio de Padua

Lugros Gastronomy

A typical dish of Lugros is ‘Potaje de San Marcos’, made out of chickpeas and cod. Lugros locals are known to enjoy eating chacina (marinated roast pork often made into sausages and other cured meats) with roasted potatoes and a glass of wine around a fire to keep out the cold climate of the municipality.


Leaving Granada. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit Continue along: E-902 / A-44 heading to Armilla – Motril. Pass near Maracena and Peligros. Follow directions Almeria – Murcia. Around Albolote, go to: A-92. Pass near Lopera. Take the exit towards: Exit 288 – Purullena – Cortes y Graena – Beas de Guadix – Troglodyte City – Ceramic Art. Follow signs to Purullena. Pass Purullena and continue to Beas de Guadix. Pass Beas de Guadix and arrive at Lugros.

Distances from Lugros

Granada 61 km
Policar 6 km
Marchal 12 km
Purullena 14 km
Beas de Guadix 9.5 km
Alcudia de Guadix 26 km
Cogollos de Guadix 31 km
Jerez del Marquesado 35 km

Iglesia de San Antonio de Padua de Lugros

Lugros Town Hall

La Herrería - Lugros

Área Recreativa La Herrería de Lugros

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