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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Luque – Sierra Subbetica Natural Park

Luque can be found to the southeast of the province, in a region running from the Sierras, including the Natural Park of Sierra Subbética , which has a strong relief of limestone elevations and valleys full of oaks, gall oaks and poplars on the banks of rivers and waterways, with countryside rich in cereal and olive trees, where can be found one of the most important wetlands in the province, La Laguna del Conde or Salobral, declared a Nature Reserve, home to numerous species of migratory birds.

The town has a long and rich history, situated at the foot of Tajo del Algarrobo, extending up the hillside and dotted with places to visit, such as the ruins of the castle, the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption or the Clock Tower.

In the village of Jauja, under the jurisdiction of Lucena, was born in 1800, the most famous of the nineteenth century Andalusian bandits: José María Hinojosa, El Tempranillo.

Throughout the history of the municipality the remains of megalithic monuments can be found, these are revealing of the prehistoric past and can be identified with the ancient Roman Agamitor, although the real relevance of Luque begins under Muslim rule. At this time, during which this town was named Lukk “, were built the Citadel with its impressive walls, the ruins of which are still visible. Back then is when Luque reached its ‘golden days’.
Fernando III conquered Luque but later lost it to Arab hands, it was finally recovered by Anton de Luque and under the reign of Alfonso XI, the name of the town may well have been derived from the changing to Spanish of its old Arab name, although it could also come from the surname of its conqueror. Luque’s undoubted appeal lies in both its natural landscape and in the village, a fine example of a ‘white village’, scenic and picturesque, with narrow winding streets, with many monuments of interest to view.

Luque Monuments

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, sixteenth to 18th centuries, Baroque and Mannerist ,”almost like a cathedral.”

Chapel of Rosario

Church of St. Bartholomew.

Chapel of Aurora

Chapel of Saint Nicolas Tolentino.


Portada de Jesus Nazareno, 1756.

Archaeological Sites

Cueva del Toril.

Yacimiento de la Almanzora.
Yacimiento de Cerro Custodio, del Tesorillo, el Elgarrobo, la Atalaya and others. (Archeological sites).

Town planning

Clock Tower of 1820.
Fuente del Paradon.
Calle Marmol.

Altarpieces of the Assumption Parish and St. Nicholas of Tolentino.

Luque Gastronomy

Cachorreñas soups (hot Gazpacho). Potaje Viudo (potaje Viernes Santo (Good Friday), is prepared either with spinach or with hake or cod). Maimones Sobrejusa. Kebabs. Rabbit with garlic. Kid in sauce (typical of the festival of San Jorge, the goat must weigh seven or eight kilos, and must be accompanied by almonds, nutmeg, pepper, saffron, tomato, peppers, non spicy cornetas, parsley, garlic, bay leaf , thyme, onions and wine.)

Sweets: Home made muffins. Macaroons. Pestiños, aniseed rusks. Wine flavour donuts. Rosquete of Piñonate.

Wines: From Montilla-Moriles zone and a drink called Resoli (produced from anise, coffee, cinnamon and sugar).

Córdoba – Santa Cruz. Espejo Castro del Rio, Baena  – Luque
– Alcalá la Real – Alcaudete – Estacion de Luque – Luque
Malaga – Antequera – Lucena – Cabra – Doña Mecia – Luque
Seville – Estepa – Puente Genil – Lucena – Cabra – Doña Mencia – Luque
-Jaen-Torredelcampo – Martos – Alcaudete – Estacion Luque – Luque


From Cordoba and Granada, halfway between the two via the N-432 stands Luque . One hour from Cordoba , Granada , Seville , Málaga and Jaén, Luque is an ideal place to relax in the tranquility and enjoy the foods of the Heart of Andalucía.

Distances from Luque

Cabra 25 km
Córdoba 71km
Lucena 33 km
Carcabuey 23 km
Baena 9 km 9 km
Antequera 82 km
Castro del Río 28 km

Luque - Córdoba


Panorámica de Luque - Sierras Subbéticas de Córdoba

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