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Macenas Castle

Almeria Castles

Macenas Castle or Macenas Watchtower – Mojácar

The Macenas Castle or Macenas Watchtower is located on Macenas Beach, in the Andalusian municipality of Mojácar, Almería. It is easily accessed from the AL-5107.

The Macenas Castle was built in the first half of the 18th century. The castle belongs to the type Macenas fort or tower plant construction with horseshoe hoof an walls to slope formed by two asemetric parts: a curved volume in the form of a semi-cone facing the sea, housing the artillery battery, and two trunk-pyramidal facing the ground to protect the entrance. It is crowned with a moldin on which the parapet sits as a simple parapet to the sea and with embrasures towards the ground.

The Macenas Castle was designed for two 24 pound cannon and accessed by a high door with a rope ladder. At the low part were kept the powder magazne and spare parts, in the midle were the kitchen and the bedroom. On the rooftop were barbette guns and by land, a high parapet for musketry. In 1830  it was repartedly kept with no artillery and was watched by a gurard and three torreros. In 1873 it is reported that next to the tower there was a police barrack used by the Spanish Guardia Civil, when it was endowed with a door on the still existing ground floor.

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