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Macharaviaya – House Museum of Salvador Rueda

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House Museum of Salvador Rueda – Benaque – Macharaviaya

Salvador Rueda´s Birthplace

On the door of this house we can see a stone plaque, placed by the City Council of Macharaviaya on March 18th, 1913. The house belonged to the poet until his death and later to his heirs. In 1980, at the pitiable condition of the building, then used as a store, Casa de Salvador Rueda. El poeta Salvador Rueda Santos nació en el pequeño núcleo de población de Benaque, perteneciente al municipio de Macharaviaya de Málaga, el 3 de Diciembre de 1857, fue periodista y poeta precursor del Modernismo Ibéricoits owner intends to demolished it to build a new house, therefore, Saint Telmo Royal Academy of Arts initiated efforts to purchase it in order to build a Museum in memory of the poet.

The Royal Academy gets to buy this house and after transfer it to the city Council of Macharaviaya, which is now the current owner, the Museum remains dedicated in memory of the poet. The house has undergone several restorations and in 2009 was equipped with toilets and media room. Many objects of the poet, utensils and furniture of the first third period of the twentieth century are shown in this Museum. This building consists of a main room with two bedrooms and one kitchen, making the way to the courtyard. Next to the kitchen, making the way to the courtyard. Next to the kitchen there is a small room that might have been used as a warehouse. In the courtyard we find a small stable.

In short, as the poet said, a poor house. The floor, walls and interior doors are the original ones.

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