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Villages in Sevilla

Mairena del Alcor

Villages in Sevilla

Mairena del Alcor

The village of Mairena del Alcor sits in the comarca (region) of Los Alcores, an alignment of rolling hills that close off the Campina sevillana to the north. It is situated 23 km east of Seville and has a municipal area of about 70 km2, which borders the nearby Carmona, Alcala de Guadaira and El Viso del Alcor.

Its population is approximately 17,700 (January 2004), these are called maireneros. The town has experienced moderate growth in recent decades. It has a high birth rate due to the large number of young couples, and a small percentage of elderly. These facts also help people from other towns that choose to live in Mairena by offering excellent conditions: close to Seville, quiet life, abundant supply of services and equipment, etc.

The name Mairena is of Arab origin (Maharana), meaning “shepherds herd.” It had a good defensive position with its fortress, but was conquered by the Spanish troops of Ferdinand III in 1248. In the division of Seville, Mairena was ceded to the Military Order of Calatrava, a concession which was suspended in 1342 by Alfonso XI, who granted the land to the senor of Marchena, Pedro Ponce de Leon.

The summit of the ridge runs along a line in the southwest-northeast direction, marking a strong topographic escarpment division between La Campina (at low altitude) and Los Alcores (at high altitude).

Mairena del Alcor Monuments

Cristo de la Carcel Chapel
Casa Palacio of the Dukes of Arcos
Luna Castle
Church of St. Mary of the Assumption
San Sebastian Chapel

Gastronomy of Mairena del Alcor

Picadillo de naranjas (potatoes, olives, eggs, onion, orange, fish, vinegar, oil, salt). Ajo Molinero (breadcrumbs, pepper, garlic, oil, sour orange juice). Salmorejo. Stuffed chicken. Rabbit or partridge stew with almonds and wine. Sweets: Pestiños. Torrijas. Cupcakes. Roscos.


By Road:
– From Sevilla towards Málaga by the A -92 up to Alcalá de Guadaira and connect with the county road – 392 which leads directly to Mairena del Alcor.
– From Granada and Málaga by the A-92 until you reach Alcala de Guadaira and connect with the county road – 392 which leads directly to Mairena del Alcor.
From Madrid and Córdoba, on National Highway IV (N-IV) until Carmona and connect with the county road A-392, which will take you to El Viso del Alcor, pass the village, and to reach Mairena del Alcor continue on the same county road for 4 kilometres.

Distances from Mairena del Alcor

Sevilla 24 km
Carmona 16 km
El Arahal 29 km
Lora del Rio 41 km
El Viso del Alcor  4 km
Alcalá de Guadaíra 10 km
El Balcón de Los Alcores  6 km

Mairena del Alcor Town Hall

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