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Monuments in Málaga

Málaga – Town Hall

Monuments in Málaga

Malaga Town Hall – Casona del Parque

Opened in 1919, the Casa Consistorial (Town Hall) is the work of the architects Guerrero Strachan and Rivera Vera. Built on land reclaimed from the sea after the Parque de Málaga (Málaga´s Park) was built.

It has a neobaroque style with a rectangular floor and with entrances in all of its facades. The corners fit in with some protruding bodies in the shape of towers with rich decoration that is repeated in the rest of the facades. The entrance portal is topped by a clock iwth a facade under it with a sculpture group created by Francisco Palma García. The centra figure represents a matron, the symbol of the city, surrounded by figures alluding to architecture, fishing and commerce.

The iconographic programme throughout the building refers to various social factors that contributed towards the heyday of Málaga in the 19th century.

The large Atlas figures used as corbels throughout the building are remarkable as these are used as the plinth for the double columns used for the corners.

When we cross the entrance vestibule, we find the imperial style staircase where the walls show large stained glass windows with historical Málaga scenes.

The building has three floors. The main floor includes the Recption Room of Mirrors (Salón de los Espejos), the Mayor´s Office (Alcaldía) and the Full Session Room (Salón de Plenos).

Malaga´s Town Hall

Casona del Parque - Ayuntamiento de Málaga

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