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Monuments in Málaga

Málaga Zea Salvatierra Palace

Monuments in Málaga

 Zea Salvatierra Palace – Málaga

The Zea Salvatierra Palace is one of the most important palaces of Málaga of th 17th anda 18th century.

Palacio de Zea Salvatierra

The various historical difficulties it has suffered led to the palace to be the Town Hall during the reign of Isabel II, being assaulted in the 1868 revolution. Subsequently he served as Post Office, where use has remained well into the twentieth century. It is currently privately owned.

The restoration of the building allowed the study of the elements that best define this building. It consists of a ground floor level and two additional levels. It is built on a base of keystones that are interspersed by windows with bars with a wide facade port with keystones betweeen square pilasters.

The interesting central patio can be accessed through the inside behind the hallway, wich was remodelled in the 19th century. It is formed by arches on marble columns with a Corinthian capitol where they are open on the ground floor and closed on the higher floors. The main staircase starts with marble columns ant the entrance on the left side.


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