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Water Dams in Córdoba

Malpasillo Dam

Water Dams in Córdoba

Malpasillo Buttress Dam & Reservoir

The Malpasillo Buttress Dam and reservoir is located on the Genil river, in the municipalities of Benamejí, Badolatosa, Lucena and Casariche, in the provinces of Córdoba and Seville.

The Genil river born in the province of Granada with the union of the Real river and Guarnón.

The river ends on the left side of the Guadalquivir river wich is the largest tributary in the village of Palma del Río.

This reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir (area of Córdoba).

As for the technical date, the reservoir has a surface of 85 hectares NMN and NMN capacity of 6 Hm3.

The type of dam is buttress with straight plant, a height above river bed of 27 m and a coronation length of 22,90 m. The volume of dam is 61.00 (m3).

The landscape of the basin is formed by high mountains and gentle slopes of outstanding medium-high.


The Malpasillo Dam was built with these objectives:

* Irrigation
* Fishing – Water Sports
* Eco-Flow
* Electricity

The Malpasillo reservoir is part of the IHA Malpasillo (Andalusia Wetlands Inventory). Reservoirs Ramsar Cordobilla and Malpasillo site.

Name: Malpasillo Reservoir

Wetland Overview: The reservoir of Malpasillo, along with six lakes and the Cordobilla Reservoir form part of the wetlands of the southern of Córdoba province, on the river Genil.

Type: Dams and Reservoirs in ecological interest areas.

Specific Standard of Protection: Declared Natural Area by Law 2/1989 in July 18th, for appoving the inventory of the Protected Natural Areas in Andalusia and establishing additional measures for their protection.

More about the Malpasillo Reservoir

The intensive farming on steep slopes combined with the deforestation on the hills surround it, have led to the silting up of the vessel by sediments carried by erosion. That is why today is reduced to half its origina depth of 20 m and only 800.000 m3 (0.8 Hm3) reservoir capacity.

The rugged topography that crosses the river makes this trace it flow in sinuous curves, slow down its speed and favoring the deposition of materials draging. .

This an the limited fluctuation of the water level has led to the settlement on its banks in the dense vegetation is observed, composed mainly of cattails and reeds, appreciated as a refuge and breeding ground for many aquatic birds such as mallard, teals, the pochard or little grebe, and emphasizing among them the horned owl and Malvasia.

Although the reservoir is almost empty and the dam slightly damaged, it is worth a visit and enjoy the natural environment of the area and its villages as Badolatosa, Jauja, Casariche, Benamejí, etc.

Malpasillo Buttress Dam - Lucena

Malpasillo Buttress Dam

Malpasillo Buttress Dam

Presa de Malpasillo - Embalse de Malpasillo - Pantano de Malpasillo - Lucena

Presa de Malpasillo - Embalse de Malpasillo - Pantano de Malpasillo - Lucena

Presa de Malpasillo - Embalse de Malpasillo - Pantano de Malpasillo - Lucena

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