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Villages in Huelva


Villages in Huelva

Manzanilla, Condado Region

Manzanilla is a town belonging to the Region of the Condado and is situated to the east of the province. Limits with the neighboring municipalities of Villalba del Alcor, Escacena del Campo, Chucena y Bollullos Par del Condado

It has fertile land devoted to the growing of cereals, olive trees and vineyards.

There are some interesting monuments such as the Parish Church, the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora del Valle, the Hermitage of S. Roque, the Hermitage of Ntra. Sra. de la Victoria and la Plaza de Andalucía.

The remains found at the borders of Manzanilla, where marble columns are scattered throughout the locality, are a clear testimony of the Roman times. During the Arab domination Manzanilla belonged to the Kingdom of Niebla, and was called Maxalia.

After the Reconquista Manzanilla belonged, along with other populations, to the Lordship of Seville. Today, along with other villages, it makes up part of the County of Huelva. The geographical, orographic, and economic circumstances justify this fact. Manzanilla wine was exported to England and the Netherlands in the fifteenth century, although there is evidence of previous wine trade in Roman times.

Manzanilla Monuments

Rectory House, eighteenth century.

Church of the Purificación.

Chapel of the Niño Jesús.

Hermitage of San Roque and la Victoria.

Sanctuary of la Virgen del Valle.


Calderetas. Meat Stews.

During the week before Easter traditional sweets of the town are made, such as hornazos.

Drinks: Vino fino


Exit Huelva. Take Avenida de Cádiz. At the roundabout, take exit 3. Continue on the H-30 heading to Sevilla – Huelva North. Follow directions for exit 10A – Sevilla. Continue on the H-31. Follow the E-1 / A-49. Take the exit marked Exit 34 – Chucena – Hinojos. Turn left onto the A-481. Pass through Chucena. Turn left onto the A-472 and you will arrive the town.


Huelva 52 km
Almonte 29 km
Purchena 28 km
Paterna del Campo 8 km
Villalba del Alcor 4,5 km
Castilleja del Campo 9,5 km
La Palma del Condado 12 km

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