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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Maracena, Vegas del Genil

Maracena is situated in the region of Vegas del Genil, a sub-region of las Vegas Altas, and is one of the most prosperous among the 39 municipalities that make up this sub-region.

It borders the municipalities of Peligros, Pulianas, Granada, Atarfe and Albolote.

The origin of the municipality, according to Menéndez Pidal, can be attributed to the Spanish-Roman era, as its name comes from that of the landowner, Maratius, plus the suffix ‘nenn’ which later was derived to the name ‘nenan’. During the last phase of the Islamic era the farmsteads of Maracena came to be a part of the Cora of Elvira and suffered the harassment of the Christian army that had already prepared the final assault on Granada.

After the conquest it was included within the municipality of the capital and after the expulsion of the Moors was repopulated with 200 new families from Castile. From the eighteenth century economic recovery began and the town has become one of the most prosperous municipalities of las Vegas Altas delGenil.

Between 1834 and 1885 the region suffered three devastating cholera epidemics.


Iglesia Parroquial (Parish Church)

Maracena Gastronomy

Las Gachas de Mosto is a very popular recipe here. Also of note on local tables is a variety of sausages, migas with corn and bean casserole. Among the rich meats to be tasted in Maracena are rabbit and ‘collejas’with garlic.


The town is just 6 km from the capital, simply leave Granada and follow the signs.

Distances from Maracena

Jun 7 km
Granada 6 km
Atarfe 6.5 km
Albolote 4 km
Pulianas 4 km
Peligros 4.5 km

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