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Marchena Monuments

Marchena Factory House

Marchena Monuments

Factory House – Marchena

The Factory House is located in the monumental center of Marchena, in the Cardenal Spinola Square, next to San Juan Bautista Church and just few minutes from Santa María de la Mota Church and fron the Ducal Square City Halls.

It was ordered to the Sevillian master Ambrosio de Figueroa in the 18th century to guard and restore goods and chattels of the Church of San Juan Bautista and store its grains. All this is listed in the pactory books.

The building belonged to the parish church in proof ot it is the cross of San Juan that is preserved in the main gate.Factory House

The interior yards and the moulded ceillings of the rooms of the high floor must be distinguished.

After various restorations by the workroom schools, at the end of the 20th century, the building holds the public municipal library and the historical municipal and of protocol files.

Legacies are preserved since 1492.

The Marchena Library is a municipally owned library, managed by the Cultural Delegation of the Marchena City Council. Registered in the Registry of Libraries of the Network of Public Libraries of Andalusia in accordance with the Order of May 13, 2004 (BOJA nº 119, of June 18, 2004). The library is a public center that provides access to knowledge, information and culture thanks to a series of resources and services that are available to all members of the community without any distinction and under equal conditions. Read more…

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