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Marchena Monuments

Marchena – Zurbarán Museum

Marchena Monuments

Zurbarán Museum – Marchena

The Zurbarán Museum is located just few meters from the Palace House 6, from the Factory House and the Ducal Square, in the monumental town of Marchena.

Museum located in the sacristy of the San Juan Bautista Church, for whose decoration they were commissioned.

The The canvases are commissioned by Francisco Zurbarán in the year 1634 and in 1637 they are all in Marchena.Zurbarán Museum - Marchena

The collection is composed of: a Crucified, and Immaculate, a San Juan Bautista and half apostolate: San Pedro, Santiago el Mayor, San Juan Evangelista, San Pablo, San Andrés and San Bartolomé.

Highlight in them the tenebrism and the meticulous an detailed treatment of the tissues.

The Goldsmith and embroidery room is on the top floor, which is accessed by a spiral staircase from the 16th century.

Key piece is the Processional Custody, work fo gilded silver and classic-reanissance typology of Francisco de Alfaro of 1575-1580.

It also contains a set of important pieces of silversmiths such as Juan de Orea, Marcos Beltrán and Pedro de Zubieta.

They also stand out in dalmatite cases, embroideries or liturgical suits.

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