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Maro Watchtower

Watchtowers Málaga

Maro Watchtower – Nerja

Maro Watchtower was built on a platform, surrounded by mountains and near a cliff, near the Playa de Maro (Maro Beach)  and Arroyo de las Tierras Nuevas, in the Andalusian municipality of Nerja. It is accessed by a path that starts from the N-340.

Maro Watchtower was built in the 16th century to try to alleviate the defenselessness suffered by farmers and fishermen in the area. The pirates found in these coasts a sutable place to obtain water, capture prisoners and enter the territory, creating a situation of continuous danger that contributed, in a decisive way, to destabilize and already critical economy.

The Maro Watchtower, along with other beacon towers that connected visually with each other, was part of a complex system of defense. The torreros communicated te presence of danger to the other towers and populations by means of smoking of day and with fire during the night. This alarm procedure is typically Muslim and has existed throughout the African coast since the seventh century; it is curious to check the perfection of the system when, in a single night, a message coud arrive from Alexandria to Ceuta.

Occasions have not been lacking throughout history to prove their usefulness. Thus, in the eighteenth century, a new situation is established throughout the Mediterranean, where England or France are the new enemies to take in to account.

The body of the tower is 11 meters high an is massive until you reach the window door, through which the interior was accessed with a ladder that was withdrawn in case of danger. At present, it is the task of all to put the necessary means for its conservation.

Maro Watchtower - Nerja

Maro Watchtower - Nerja

Maro Watchtower

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  1. Kevin Ball escribio:

    We walked from Maro through the valley to the tower. The information on this page is the same as that on the information board at the tower. Unfortunately the information board is not in good condition and some of the text is missing. For visitors this is disappointing.
    On this page the translation is very good with the exception that the word “scale” should be replaced with the word “ladder”.
    The views along the coast are spectacular!

    • Domingo escribio:

      Thank you Kevin.
      Is not much we can do about the missing text but we have replaced “scale” for “ladder”.
      If you see more errors on our page do not hesitate to send them to us.
      Thank you.

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