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Villages in Sevilla

Martín de la Jara

Villages in Sevilla

Martín de la Jara

Martin de la Jara is situated in the southeastern area of the province of Seville, being adjacent to that of Malaga and under the jurisdiction of the comarca (region) of the Sierra Sur. The municipality limits with Pedrera, Sierra de Yeguas, Campillos y Los Corrales.

The village is situated in a small valley in the middle of the Sierra Sur, with the old town in the southeastern sector of the village, closest to the foot of the hill and the river channel. Here is located the square, around which are the church, the Ayuntimiento (Town Hall) and the Market.

The origin of the town dates back to the Middle Ages, growing up around a service property located near the Camino Real from Sevilla to Malaga. It would have a place dedicated to shoeing horses and caring for travelers, by way of the venta or inn and lodgings.

According to some authors, the owner of that establishment was one Martin Angulo. Others believe that the person was actually a captain of the armies of Ferdinand III who repopulated this place amidst a field of rockroses.

These lands in the the fifteenth century were in a border area, sparsely populated and insecure, which did not allow the establishment of a permanent population. The territory belonged for centuries to the Duchy of Osuna, which was responsible for repopulation. In the year 1837 the feudal system was abolished and the first Ayuntimiento was constituted.

Martin de la Jara Monuments

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary
Castellar Cave

Martin de la Jara Gastronomy

Almorraque (roasted pepper, tomato, onion, garlic). Porro de Jara. Game dishes.


Out of Sevilla (Seville) on the local road. Continue along the A-92 for 83.5 km Take exit 84 toward Osuna / Martin de la Jara. Linking stretch for 362 m to Circuito Municipal de Calvario. Continue on the A-378 for 19.4 km Continue on the road to Campillos/ Osuna (A-378) for 250 m. Here is Martin de la Jara (SEVILLA)

Distances from Martin de la Jara

Coripe 74 km
Osuna22 km
Sevilla 110 km
Antequera 43 km
Montellano 77 km
Sierra de Yeguas 9.5 km
San Juan Villanueva 26 km
La Puebla de Cazalla 44 km
Morón de la Frontera 56 km

Martín de la Jara Town Hall

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