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Water Dams in Córdoba

Martín Gonzalo Dam

Water Dams in Córdoba

Martin Gonzalo Dam & Reservoir

The Martin Gonzalo Dam was built in 1983, started its operation in 1987 and is located in the Martin Gonzalo streambed, in the Andalusian municipalities of Montoro and Cardeña, in the Cordoba province.

The Martin Gonzalo stream began its journey in the town of Cardeña, runs southwards through the Sierra de Cardeña and Montoro Natural Park to the Guadalquivir in the municipality of Montoro.

The Martin Gonzalo reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir (area of Cordoba).

The reservoir basin has a surface of 48,26 km2, and average rainfall of 678,1 mm. and an average annual contribution of 11.00 hm3.

* Reservoir capacity: 17,878 hm3
* Dam type: rockfill with asphalt screen of geotextile and straight plant.
* Height above the bed: 52,07 m
* Crest Length: 240 m
* Crest elevation: 286 m

Martin Gonzalo Reservoir Objectives

– Water supply
– Fishing
– Ecological Flow

Martin Gonzalo Dam & Reservoir

Martin Gonzalo Dam & Reservoir

Montoro Municipality

A network of steep alleys wind through the interior of the municipality, jealously guarding corners full of history, tradition and beauty. You will be surprised by its stately homes with imposing red stone facades, historic buildings that tell you about a rich past and small squares that welcome you for that moment of rest and placidity.

Montoro is history and art sculpted in “molina za” stone, which like a solid red mantle covers buildings and facades. Its historic center, sheltered between narrow and steep streets, has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site. You will be surprised when you arrive at Plaza España, emblematic space in which life flows, exquisitely preserved.

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