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Villages in Jaen


Villages in Jaen

Martos, Sierra Sur Region

Martos is a town located to the north of the region called Sierra Sur, it has the biggest extension and population of the area. Its municipal district is olive-producer and has been reviewed like the best olive grove in the world due to its production. Around the olive grove has been developed an important oil industry. Recently, the industry is came in the economic industry of the town, being nowadays Martos the most diversified industrial nucleus in the town and the one with the strongest growth, together with Mancha Real, and using up labour from the neighbouring towns and, even, from Jaén.

The municipal boundaries of Martos are the following: at north it borders on Torredonjimeno and Jamilena, at east on Los Villares and Fuensanta de Martos, at south on Alcaudete and Castillo de Locubín, at west on Santiago de Calatrava and Almedinilla (this last of Córdoba province).

The origins of Martos date back to the Prehistory. The development of a town in a place like this is due to the existence of the coordinator nucleous of population during all the history in Martos, called “la Peña”.

Its strategic location, the existence in its surrounding areas of springs, and the natural defence it offered, were the most determining factors that brought about the human settlement in its hills. Despite that own defence that offers the La Peña, the different civilizations that will go through Martos, will reinforce it with new defensive buildings.

We have proofs of different lithic materials that belong to the Palaeolithic, however, the oldest documented statements, belong to the Neolithic. The remains found in the area of the sports centre belong to this period, known such as “El Molinillo”, “Huertas Viejas” and “La Alberquilla”. They are underground structures, intended to housing, the storage and transformation of raw, funeral and defensive.

The sedentary lifestyle and the cereals crop will start in this age, in settlements like the one called “La Nava”, “Piedras de Cobos”, “Atalaya de Martos”, “Santo Nicasio” and “Cortijo de Tafú”. From now on the second fourth of the second millennium B.C., the agrarian and sheepherding culture will change, and will start to settle in slopes, making the most of the natural terraces. In this way, the massive burial in necropolis will be replaced with the individual one. There is evidence of this fact in some places such as “Torrevíboras”, “Las Provincias”, or “Cerro Jurel”.

Martos Monuments

Town Hall
Casa Regionalista
Pillar of the Fuente Nueva
Convent of San Francisco
Parish Church of Santa Marta
Monument to the Constitucion
Monument to the Hnos. Carvajales
Monument to III Año Mundial del Olivo

Martos Gastronomy

In the gastronomy of Martos the extra virgin olive oil is the fundamental ingredient: hoyo (bread and oil), marteñas’ fried breadcrumbs, relleno de carnaval (pork, ham, turkey breast, egg and milk), marteño’s gazpacho, pipirrana (a salad with onion, tomato and cucumber), ajoblanco (a cold soup with bread, crushed almonds, garlic, water, olive oil, salt and vinegar), orange mince “graná” diced vegetable salad, gazpachuelo (fish stock with potatoes and bread, garlic, oil), encebollado (a soup made of tuna, tomatoes and onions), gachas (oatmeal porridges) and the great variety of olives “aliñás” (seasoned). We have also to mention the confectionery of the Madres Trinitarias, between we can emphasize the costrada (puff pastry pie) and the perrunillas (flat cakes with butter, flour and sugar).

How to get there

You have to exit Jaén and continue through Road of Córdoba then take the Motorway A-316 and the exit towards Salida 79 – Martos – Santiago de Calatrava, A-6052. In the roundabout, take the exit 1 and then the Road from Úbeda to Málaga. You get Martos.

Distances from Martos

Jaén 23 km
Jamilena 6 km
Alcaudete 25 km
Los Villares 16 km
Villardompardo 20 km
Torre del campo 10 km
Torredonjimeno 9,5 km
Fuensanta de Martos 13 km
Higuera de Calatrava 21 km
Santiago de Calatrava 21 km

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