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Monuments in Cádiz

Medina Sidonia Town Hall

Monuments in Cádiz

Medina Sidonia Town HallCasa Consistorial. El edificio se encuentra coronado con el escudo en piedra de la ciudad y el reloj de campana. Se ha rehabilitado un edificio anexo como nuevo ayuntamiento donde se encuentra el Archivo Municipal, quedando el edificio del siglo XVIII para plenos y actos solemnes.

The Medina Sidonia Town Hall is located in the España Square, in the monumental area, just few minutes from the Victoria Church.

A 17th century Mannerist style buildin, the work of Andrés Cárdenas, where the historic archive is located. It is a baroque style, with a portal of arches resting on columns in its lower part.

The second floor, neoclasical style, has a balcony that runs from end to end and windows crowned by triangular pediments, separeted by pilasters.

The top floor is a 19th century building. The building is crowned with the stone shield of the city and the bell block.

Medina Sidonia

Cádiz – Andalucía

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