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Water Dams in Sevilla

Melonares Dam

Water Dams in Sevilla

Melonares Dam & Reservoir

Melonares Dam was built in 2008 on the bed of the Viar River, in the municipalities of Castilblanco de los Arroyos and El Pedroso, province of Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain.

The Melonares Dam belong to the Guadalquivir River Basin and has a capacity of 180 hm3.

Melonares is a gravity-arch dam type made with concrete and curve plant, it has a crest lenght of 525,30 meters a coronation width of 8 meters and a height from foundations of 50,25 meters.

Uses of Melonares Reservoir

Water Suplying

Presa de Melonares - Embalse de Melonares - Pantano de Melonares - Castilblanco de los Arroyos y El Pedroso - Embalse Los Melonares

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