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Castles in Málaga

Mijas Castle

Castles in Málaga

Mijas Castle – The Wall

Facts about the Mijas Castle and The Wall.

Known as “La Muralla” The Wall, the environment where stood the ancient villa of Mijas until the mid seventeenth century, whe the population began to leave and gradually began to settle on the slopes of the mountain, forming the current center of Mijas town.

This space corresponds to the settlement of the mijeña population since at least medieval times, and was bounded by a wall which still some paintings and preserved medieval fortress, leaving as the only building of that time the Church of the Inmaculate Concepcion whose  steeple was once a defensive tower.

In today´s environment La Muralla is a landscaped area with magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea and where the Municipal Auditorium is also located.

Mijas Castle

The remains of Mijas Castle are located on the northern slope of a small hill located south of the city center. A small part of the wall and tower remains. It is made with masonry, irregular rig stuck with lime mortar. All internal parts of the castle have disappeared.

It seems that Mijas was founded in Roman times and during the Arab domination exercised importantce as a fortified town for its strategic location.

Mijas Castle

Mijas Municipality

Located in the middle of the Western Costa del Sol, Mijas perfectly combines its condition as a mountain town with an important tourist development in its coastal area.Precisely, its privileged geographical location between the sea and the mountains makes it possessor of endless charms, which place it among the most attractive tourist destinations in the province.Its extensive territory is divided into three urban centers that offer different faces of the town.In this way, we find in Mijas a municipality with deep-rooted traditions, which has also opened its doors to innovation and modernity.


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