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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


The municipality of Mijas is in the Costa del Sol West, and only 30 km from Malaga International Airport, and 30 km from the capital of the province, It extends from the mountains of the same name to the sea through a landscape of hills.

The municipality is one of the more extensive areas in the province of Malaga with 149 Km2. It is divided into three towns: Mijas Pueblo in the mountains, with the charm of a typical white Andalucian village; Las Lagunas, Mijas Costa, which is the most modern of the municipality, with its industrial and commercial area; and La Cala, a central coastal village.

Known as Tamisa, Mijas was a village founded by the Tartessians or Turdetans, whose villages are spread along the Guadalquivir and the entire southern part of the Iberian province. They were succeeded by the Celts and Phoenicians.

Apparently in Roman times, the municipality had been a fairly prosperous centre. This can be seen by the construction through Mijas of a branch of the Via Augusta, which connected Cadiz and Malaga. This road was built for better transport of the tribute to Rome, in marble, minerals, fruit and delicious and different honey that you can still taste today.

Mijas Monuments

Mijas Castle
Calvario Shrine
Shrine of Puerto
Shrine of San Antón
San Sebastian Church
Calaburras Watchtower
Virgen de la Peña Chapel
Torre Nueva (watchtower)
Torre de Calahonda (watchtower)
Church of la Inmaculada Concepción
Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Shrine
Torre de la Bateria o Torreon de la Cala de Mijas (watchtower)

Mijas Gastronomy

Typical dishes of the municipality are salmorejo, maimones, cachorreñas and gazpachuelo, Mijas salad with potatoes, bacaloa, white garlic, etc..

Typical pastries are buñuelos and hornazos


From the Costa del Sol, take the Mediterranean motorway (AP-7, N-340). If you start from Malaga in the direction of Cadiz, take a detour (the signs are very clear) once past Benalmádena, on the A-368, which leads to Mijas. If you start from Marbella to Malaga, you also have to take the Mediterranean motorway and get to town on the A-387. In both cases the signs are very clear.


Cádiz 235 km
Málaga 32 km
Granada 155 km
Estepona 70 km
Gibraltar 117 km


Plaza de la Constitución de Mijas

Auditorium Municipal de Mijas

House Museum

House Museum of Mijas

Carromato de Max – Miniature Museum

Carromato de Max, which was opened in May 1972, is one of the many attractions of Mijas that must be visited. It is the result of a life dedicated to the art of travelling, all over the world, living with the people who inhabit it, with men and women of other races, with tribes anchored in time. It is definitively an ode to adventure and, of course, an example of human patience from people of the five continents.

Carromato de Max - Miniature Museum - Mijas

Mijas Bullring

Mijas Bullring

Mijas Bullring

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