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Villages in Huelva

Minas de Riotinto

Villages in Huelva

Minas de Riotinto

Minas de Riotinto is a mining town of ancient origin, but of modern construction as the village was built by the mining company at the beginning of the century to harness the wealth below the surface of the old town.

Its urban structure reflects a rational model, the main exponent of which is the neighborhood of Bellavista, an example of colonial buildings of English origin which housed the staff of the company.

In its earthy and mysterious landscape, stand abandoned mines which are now used for the enjoyment of tourists. Some like Corta Atalaya are a grand spectacle. It currently has a very interesting initiative: the Mining Train, which follows the same route travelled by the minerals from the mines.

There are many interesting tours around Minas de Riotinto, where we can see places like Cerro Colorado, which is the largest open-pit mine in the world, La Corta Atalaya, which has a depth of 335 meters, the Mining Museum, with fifteen rooms containing the entire history of the mines. “the Maharaja Wagon” built specifically for Queen Victoria,  the “English” neighbourhood of Bella Vista, which has typical Victorian English architecture and all the characteristics of a British neighborhood.

Minas de Riotinto belongs to the Judicial District of Valverde del Camino and lies 74 kilometers from the capital. It has an area of 23.8 km2 and a population of more than 6,000 inhabitants. Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans settled here, attracted by the rich veins of silver, copper and gold. In the Bronze Age there were many important megalithic cultures to be found throughout the area .

Monuments in Minas de Riotinto

Pensioners Home, victorian.

Parish Church of Santa Bárbara.

Minas de Riotinto Archaeological Sites

Roman necropolis of La Dehesa, first and second centuries.

Necropolis of Corta Lago.

Urban Sites

Mining operations.

Barrio de Bella Vista.
A neighborhood of Victorian houses built for the English staff of the mining company.

Mining Museum.
Housed in the old hospital of the Riotinto Company.

Minas de Riotinto Gastronomy

The most typical dish is la jibia (cuttlefish) with gurumelos, flavored with coriander. Also typical are pork products, both cured and fresh.


From Seville, you should head for the A-66 to the Venta del Alto. Then follow N-433 towards “el Castillo de las Guardas”, and the A-471 until you reach Minas de Riotinto.

Leave Huelva in the direction of San Juan del Puerto – Trigueros – Fregenal de la Sierra. On the outskirts of San Juan del Puerto, turn right on to the N-435 heading to Trigueros – Badajoz. Pass through Trigueros. Continue along the A-493. Pass through Valverde del Camino. Continue on the Carretera de Zalamea, then the N-435. Pass near El Pozuelo. Pass through Zalamea la Real and El Campillo and continue until you reach Minas de Riotinto.

Distances from Minas de Riotinto

Nerva 5 km
Huelva 70 km
Sevilla 83 km
Calañas 32 km
Marigenta 20 km
La Aulaga 20 km
Zalamea la Real 7 km
Valverde del Camino 25 km

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