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Castles in Málaga

Miraflores Castle

Castles in Málaga

Miraflores Castle – El Burgo

The Miraflores Castle is located in the highest part of the town of El Burgo, in the province of Málaga, in Escaloncitos, Calzada and Botica Streets.

The Arab castle is on the top of the hill, leaving only remains of the walls and towers of the famous fortress of El Burgo.

The history of El Burgo revolves around this fortress. It is famous for its beauty and impregnability in the 15th century.

It suffered enough, especially its tallest towers, in the eartquake produced in 1755. In 1812 it served as a seat for the French artillery taht before leaving destroyed the living part that remained standing.

It is not known with certainty if it would start like others being a Celtic castle, but what seems certain is that it was a medieval castle given its Visigothic name. Its factory and history confirm that it was one of the bastions that defended the kingdom of Granada. Don Pedor I of Castilla , after a long siege, managed to seize it, losing it to the Saracens and then recovering it with the conquest of Ronda by the Catholic Monarchs, who ordered the total repair of the fortress, convinced of its importance and strategic value, naming Pedro Barrionuevoas warden in 1485.

Miraflores Castle - Arab Fortress in El Burgo

Miraflores Castle - Arab Fortress in El Burgo

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