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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Moclín, Poniente Granadino

The locality of Moclín is located north of the province of Granada. It has an area of 112 km2.

Moclín has  5,000 inhabitants, seven population centres (Gumiel, Limones, Moclín, Los Olivares, Puerto Lope, Tiena and Tozar), with an average altitude of 1,045 m, and is to the northeast of the province of Granada, 33km from the capital and 75 km from Jaén.

The municipality limits with Montillana, Colomera, Atarfe, Pinos Puente, Íllora y Alcalá la Real (Jaén).

Many archaeological sites have been found in this municipality (dolmens, burial grounds and rock paintings) showing clear evidence of human settlement since prehistoric times, specifically the Neolithic. With the arrival of the Romans came several settlements (Tien, Olivares) and the silos of Tozar. There are also remains of a Visigoth burial ground, which took its name from the Arabic Hisn Moclín, which means Castillo Distrito or Castle District and the Nazari was Escudo Granada. This land was a border or frontier land over many historical eras, always important, and had numerous watchtowers which were also used for communication. In July 1486 it was conquered by the Catholic kings and became one of the seven towns Granada was obliged to maintain.

Moclín Monuments

Arab castle and walled town, declared a National Monument.
Church of Santo Cristo del Pano.
Parish Church (XVI century).
Tozar Parish Church.
Church and Castle of Puerto Lope.

Archaeological Sites in Moclín

Cortijo de la Hiedra Alta, Cueva de la Hornuelo de la Solana, Cueva de la Arana,Cueva de las Vercas and cueva del Torreon (neolithic-bronze age caves with rock art).
Zorrera Cave de la Cañada Honda (remains from the Neolithic and Bronze ages).
Torre de Mingo Andres  (A Neolithic village, bronze age).
Cortijo de Bucor (Roman villa).

Town planning

Bridge and del Bujo quarter (Thought to be Haxx Albucor).
Upper and lower Tiena.
Casa del Posito.
Mirador de Moclín (viewpoint over Moclin).

Moclín Gastronomy

The municipality is noted for its cuisine, with alboronía, a dish of chicken, garlic, almonds and beans, cachorreña soup and San Antonio casserole. Donuts are made as in the past without any artificial ingredients.


Leave Granada. Continue along: A-92G. Turn right: N-432 towards: Atarfe – Córdoba. Pass Atarfe. Pass Pinos Puente. Take GR-3408. Pass Tiena  and follow signs to the town.


Búcor 10 km
Illora 16 km
Zujaira 19 km
Granada 33 km
Alomartes 20km
Montefrío 25km
Colomera 20 km
Berbe Bajo 13 km
Benalúa de las Villas 22 km

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