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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Molvizar, Costa Tropical of Granada

Molvizar can be found in the province of Granada in southern Spain. It is 12 km from Motril and about 70 km from the capital Granada, near the Mediterranean coast which is about 8 kms distant. The nearest towns are Itrabo (5 km), and Lobres (5 km).

The history of Molvízar dates back to Moorish times. Although there is no data on ancient Molvízar at the time of the Arab invasion, with the establishment of the Nazari Kingdom of Granada in 1238, Molvízar (Molbicar) appears and is included in the Cora of Elvira as a district or province of Salobreña.

In 1482 Molvizar came under the domination of the Catholic Monarchs, with the population comprised of Moors, or Muslims who remained on the land after the reconquest by the Christians.

During the sixteenth century it was affected by the tensions between the Moorish and Christian population. This resulted in the War of the Alpujarras (1578-1571 AD) during the reign of Philip II. After the revolt of the Moors of Granada, including those of Molvízar, they were defeated, which led to the subjugation of Molvízar as a punishment imposed by Diego Ramirez de Haro, Warden of Salobreña.

When, in 1572 AD, the phenomenon of repopulation took place, Molvízar was repopulated with 27 settler’s families, the lands being sold to them, which alienated the Moors. In the mid-eighteenth century Molvizar had a population of 1,150 inhabitants, mostly farmers.

In the nineteenth century, specifically in 1810 AD, there were a number of guerrilla attacks, commanded by José Fernández Cañas, ‘Caridad’, after the refusal of the mayors of Jete, Itrabo, Otívar, Salobreña and Molvízar to swear allegiance to King Joseph I and to establish a significant economic contribution. In 1856 AD, Elizabeth II approved the annexation of Lobres to Molvízar, separating again four years later by Royal Order.

Molvizar  Monuments

Iglesia Parroquial (Parish Church, XVIII century).


There are important archaeological remains throughout the area (Almuñecar, Salobreña and Motril).


The town is unique and very well preserved.

Molvizar  Gastronomy

Typical dishes include sausage, kid with dressing, migas and spatiality sausage, a home-made product without any additives and made in the traditional way.


To reach Molvízar it is necessary to take the turnoff from the National 323 which is at the edge of Velez de Benaudalla (towards Granada-Costa). This turnoff, which we is about 60 kilometres from the city of Granada, is signposted to Lobres (an annexe of Salobreña) and Itrabo. Once you take the turnoff, Molvízar is just 7 kilometres.

Distances from Molvizar

Jete 12 km
Lobres 5 km
Itrabo 5 km
Otivar 13 km
Motril 12 km
Órgiva 33 km
Granada 66 km
Salobreña 9,5 km
Velez de Benahudalla 16 km

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