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Villages in Córdoba

Montalbán de Córdoba

Villages in Córdoba

Montalbán de Córdoba

Montalbán de Córdoba is situated to the south of Cordoba, and is part of la Campina Alta. It lies 44 kilometres from Cordoba and has an altitude of 280 metres above sea level. It has a population of more than 4,000 inhabitants and a municipality of 34.5 square kilometres. The municipality limits with La Rambla, Montilla, Aguilar de la Frontera and Santaella.

Its name, of Latin origin whose roots are in the predominantly Castilian era, refers precisely to the location of the population and the colour of their land: Montalbán or “white mountain”.

Montalbán’s territory was in Muslim times limited between the Coras of Córdoba and Cabra. Their lands would to be definitively conquered by the troops of Ferdinand III on his second march on Cordoba: February 1240 – March 1241.

During the late medieval centuries Montalbán was part of the heritage of various noble houses of Cordoba. It was to be don Pedro Fernández de Córdoba, lord of Aguilar and marquis of Priego, who bought it in the early sixteenth century. Thus, like other villages of the countryside of Cordoba, Montalban was part of the estate of the Marquis of Priego.

Montalbán de Córdoba Monuments

Ermita de la Madre de Dios (Chapel of the Mother of God, XVI century and renewed in the XVIII century).
Ermita de Jesus del Calvario (Calvary Chapel of Jesus XVI century).
Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Gracia (Parish Church of Our Lady of Grace, in which is treasured a processional monstrance).

Remains at Los Carramolos (Bronze Final).

Andalucía Plaza and Fountain.
Casino Circulo de Labradores.
Chaplaincy House.



  • Gazpacho.
  • Chopped oranges.
  • Salmorejo.
  • Boronia (stew made with eggplant and dried beans).
  • Sopaipas.
  • Pestiños.
  • Porridge.


Take E-5 / A-4 direction: N-432, Granada – Sevilla . Follow signs to exit 408 – Málaga . Continue: A-45. Take the exit towards: CP-220. Turn right: CP-220. Passing La Rambla. Continue: A-3133. Arrive at Montalbán de Córdoba.

Distances from Montalbán de Córdoba

Cordoba 44 km
Montilla 12 km
Santaella 13 km
La Carlota 24 km
La Rambla 4.5 km
Montemayor 11 km
Fernan Nuñez 12 km
Nueva Carteya 32 km
Aguilar de la Frontera 21 km

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  1. Antonio Cantillo Simón escribio:

    Naci en Montalban y en los años 64 por circunstancias que todo el mundo sabe, emigramos a Madrid, donde empezamos una nueva vida. Pero nunca olvidamos nuestros orígenes ni familia y amigos que dejamos atrás. Mantengo contactos con primos actuales y estoy informado de las noticias que se producen. El cariño siempre queda. abrazos./////////

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