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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga

Montecorto, 102nd municipality of the province of Malaga

Montecorto is situated between the towns of Algodonales and Ronda, to the West of the province of Malaga, in the Serrania de Ronda and very close to the Natural Park of Grazalema.


The origins of the town date back to the Neolithic age, and are associated with small farming communities that settled in the region for the fertility of its soil, abundant water, and the existence of other important resources in the prehistory such as flint for the manufacture of tools and associated uses.

The Roman and Arab periods show important remains and influences in the area, specifically those of the Roman villa of Acinipo, which can be found in the vicinity of the town, the Arab remains of the castle of the Moral y Audita.

However, at the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th century there is no documentary evidence relating the town of Montecorto.

In particular, the territory conquered by the Christians was organized as independent of any jurisdiction, becoming a series of Mudejar rural municipalities, directly dependent on the Crown, these being Ronda, El Burgo, Setenil, Audita and Montecorto among others, which were allied to the Archbishopric of Seville.

In the year 1505, it came under the jurisdiction of Ronda, as one of its districts, until at the end of the year 2002, when it became an autonomous local authority. Source: City of Montecorto.

What to visit in Montecorto

The Temple of Nuestra Señora del Carmen

Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

Benito (acequia, wáter course)

Ruins of Acinipo


Plaza Federico García Lorca

Plaza Hermitage

The Nasrid border (Mirador, view point)

Source of above •Pilar

How to reach Montecorto

From Ronda by the A-374

Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church - Montecorto

Montecorto Town Hall


El Nacimiento (The Birth) / The Source

Water is the origin of life and the origin of Montecorto is closely related to the abundance of wáter locally.

Rainwater runs through the limestone mountains until it meets an impermeable layer where it is stored in great quantities, forming an aquifer, or underground cistern of enormous dimensions, which approximately extends from Ronda to Olvera.

The Nacimiento de Montecorto is a geological fault, a crevice through which the water pours to the stream in Montecorto, running through the village along its old channels and filling everything with life as  it goes, houses, fountains, flower gardens, vegetable gardens. This is only one of three water sources in Montecorto. Along this same street, a short step towards the highest situated houses in the village, you will be able to find those of the Twelve Pilars and of the Corner of the Spring.

Thanks to water, Montecorto was also able to have electricity, by using the force of the water as it ran towards the small power station on Calle La Fuente.

El Nacimiento (The Birth)

Abrevadero del Nacimiento (The Birth Through)

The Birth Through

Los Doce Pilares de las Adelfas (The Twelve Pillars of the Oleanders)

The Twelve Pillars of the Oleanders - Montecorto

Dolmen Fountain

Dolmen Fountain - Montecorto

Fuente de Abajo

Fuente de Abajo in Montecorto

Fuente de Arriba

Montecorto Arriba Fountain

Pozo de las Monjas Fountain

Pozo de las Monjas Fountain - Montecorto

Pozo de las Monjas Fountain in Montecorto

Montecorto Town Hall

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