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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


Montellano belongs to the province of Sevilla, in Andalucía. Located in the foothills with its name, to 66 kilometres southeast of the capital. The area of Montellano is located in the southernmost part of the province of Sevilla, which is precisely the limit on the south the province of Cádiz, following the river Guadalete. The municipalities from Sevilla that limit the term are: El Coronil, Morón de la Frontera y Arahal.

The first human settlements in these lands back to the Bronze Age, before they passed through here several civilizations (among which the Phoenician and Roman). After the dark Visigoth period, Muslims recover the settlement, with several settlements scattered throughout the territory. Castilian conquerors kept the village, occupied mostly by shepherds, later being given to the Duke of Osuna, who belongs to the end of the domains in the XIX century. It becomes Villa by royal edict of Carlos III in 1788.

The village sits on the slopes of Monte de San Pablo, between 230 and 300 metres. The northern and southern areas of the town have steep slopes, which is a physical limit to growth. The western and southern edges have a smoother topography, being more appropriate for population expansion.

Dam & Reservoir of Torre del Águila

Montellano Monuments

Church of San José
Hermitage of the Sisters of the Cross
Chapel of the Christ of the Remedies
Chapel of “la Safa”
Centro de Salud
Residencia de Ancianos
The Fountain and the Washing Place
Parque Municipal “La Fábrica”
Town Hall
Casas Solariegas
Cote Castle

How to get there

From Sevilla and following towards Ronda by the A-376, pass Utrera (37 km.), El Coronil (17 km.) and Montellano (12 km.). In total a distance from Sevilla about 66 kilometres.

Distances from Montellano

Sevilla 66 km
Utrera 32 km
Coripe 16 km
Ronda 67 km
Villamartin 27 km
Algodonales 32 km
Morón de la Frontera 22 km


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    Recuerdos de mi niñez, me vienen a mi cabeza pues nací en este maravilloso pueblo. En la calle Sevilla n. 20.

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