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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Montemayor, Campiña Alta Region

Montemayor is a town located to the south of Córdoba, in the region of La Campiña Alta. It is to 32 kilometres from the capital and has an area of 57,3 km2. The municipality limits with Fernán-Núñez, Espejo, La Rambla and Montilla.

The town of Montemayor is at 392 metres above sea level, in the top of a high hill.

The name of Montemayor, village-fortress, proclaimed an important part of its shape and history. Due to its Roman origin the legend of the shield  of Montemayor is written in Latin and says this: “Tu in ea et ego pro ea” (“Tú en ella y yo por ella”). The motto, that it also was the one of the Álvarez de Toledo, stands out the spirit of those who live there and proclaims that it is an open village, from what you have to enjoy yourself and is an exceptional viewpoint of the region.

The history of Montemayor is so ancient that it is almost the same as the Roman town of Ulía that, according to Plinio its surname was Fidentia. This town is cited once and again in the book De Bello Hispaniense that someone attributed to Caesar and other to Quinto Hircio.

In the Itinerario de Antonino Pio, official map of the roads in the Roman Empire, the town of Ulía is quoted in the road from Córdoba towards Anticuaria or Antequera. Plinio, Estrabón, Floro and Dion Casio also quoted it several times. From the 1340 we find a town linked to one of the branches of Fernández de Córdoba family, when Martín moved this place the settlers from the nearby castle of Dos Hermanas, with the intention of defending in a better way the territories that a century before had been conquered by Fernando III. In 1340 Alfonso XI moved the settlers of Dos Hermanas, achieving the new town the title of Villa around the middle of the XV century.

When the title conflicts occurred during the reign of Enrique IV, Martín Alonso III, holder of the domain Montemayor, defended the cause of the king, had under his jurisdiction the town of Montoro. The castle of Dos Hermanas is to seven kilometres from Montemayor, an ancient Muslim fortress, partly ruined, because its stones were used by Martín Alonso de Córdoba for the construction of its castle in Montemayor.

The castle of Dos Hermanas had been erected during the andalusí age and between the IX and XI centuries. We can observe its rectangular plan and the Powers in its corners.


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Hermitage of San Sebastián
Hermitage of San José
Ducal Castle of Frias
Castle of Dos Hermanas
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Montemayor Gastronomy

The most typical dishes are the Andaluz stew and the gallina en pepitoria (Chicken in sauce with egg and almonds). We also can taste the broad beans with aubergines and blood sausage that have onion, pepper, tomato and garlic. The inhabitants in Montemayor very keen on the stew, a vegetable stew or estofado de carne that are seasoned with cabbage. And we cannot forget the rice with cod, broad beans and artichokes.

We have to emphasize with regard to the sweets the gañote; it is prepared with dough made with eggs, vinegar, oil, flour and grated lemon; with grated lemon rid and sugar it is made the syrup. The bread rolls of eau-de-vie are typical at Easter and Christmas, and are made with eggs, sugar, eau-de-vie and oil with matalahúva, as well as vanilla.

But the most popular with regard to the confectionery are the panetes that are given the children in All Souls’ Day. These sweets are human or animal figures made with dough. We also have to mention the gachas (porridges), in San Blas, made with flour, croutons of fried bread, sesame and honey.

As for wines, Montemayor has a famous sweet wine Pedro Ximenez that comes from the pago de las Arenas, and the dry sherry of the company store San Acacio.

We cannot forget the sweet and famous early figs of Montemayor, the first one that are eaten in the town in San Juan. With the figs it is made the block of dried figs.

How to get there

You have to exit Córdoba and continue in: Carretera de Cádiz then Avenida de Cádiz towards: E-5, A-4, Sevilla – Malaga. In the roundabout, take the salida 3 and continue in: E-5 / A-4 towards: Sevilla – Málaga. Then follow towards: Salida 408 – Málaga. Continue in: A-45, take the exit towards: N-331. In the roundabout, take the salida 3 and continue in: N-331 towards: Fernán Nuñez – Montemayor. Cross Fernán Núñez and continue in: N-331, then you get Montemayor.


Espejo 17 km
Córdoba 33 km
Montilla 12 km
La Carlota 28 km
Carcabuey 55 km
Monte Alto 23 km
La Rambla 6,5 km
Aldea Quintana 20 km
Montalbán de Córdoba 10 km

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