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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Monturque, Genil Valley

Monturque is located in the southern most part of the Cordoba countryside, particularly in the so-called administrative agrarian region of the Campina Alta, integrated into the valley of Genil although its eastern limits are closer to the piedemont zone of the sierras of Lucena and Cabra, 61 km. to the south of the capital of the province, at an altitude of 395 metres above sea level.

Monturque limits with the municipalities of Montilla, Aguilar de la Frontera, Moriles, Lucena y Cabra.

The Mediterranean climate offers no transcendental differences regarding the environment, with high summer temperatures and mild winters, while not missing the nuances of the continental climate. The rains, between 500 and 550 mm. annually are mainly derived from the influences of the West, although the effect of rainfall from the proximity of Sierras Subbéticas is very apparent.

Monturque is a derivative of the mozarab name meaning “mountain of rock”.
It was an important city in Roman times, as witnessed by the many archeological findings, and also was a relevant population centre in the Arab period. It was conquered by Fernando III in 1240, receiving thereafter the name Monturqueto.

Two years later it received the same royal jurisdiction as Cordoba and in 1340, after the contribution of soldiers to the battle of Salado, received from Alfonso XI the privilege of free tolls for all roads of Castile and the dictation of Allegiance. In 1353 Pedro the Cruel gave the castle to Don Martín López de Córdoba. In 1377 it was Henry II who donated it to Don Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba, also being added Aguilar.

It was populated in 1455 and later settled by families of Lucena, Montilla and other population centres. In the War of Succession it was loyal to Philip V, so the king granted it the title of Fiel (Faithful), and it also distinguished itself through the Cordoba guerrillas against the French.

Monturque Monuments

Monturque Castle
Mirador de Los Paseíllos.
Parroquia (Parish church) of San Mateo, Mudejar tradition. Of note is the chapel of the Shrine.
Chapel of the Holy Christ of Vera Cruz.
Altarpiece of the Parroquia of San Mateo (mid-eighteenth century), altarpiece painting of Aurora. Image of Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz (late sixteenth century) .


Cerro del Castillo (Chalcolithic).
Roman Cisterns of Monturque
Las Pozas (Roman necropolis).
Las Majadas and the cortijo de las Coronas (Roman villas).


Plaza de La Barrera.
Calle de Santo Cristo.
Plaza de Cervantes.
Plaza de la Constitucion.

Monturque Gastronomy

In Monturque the gastronomic traditions of Semana Santa (Easter) are still maintained, as in all the comarca (region), represented by typical casseroles and cod dishes. But we must also emphasize the homemade Easter candy: muffins, donuts, cookie, fritters, donuts and wine borrachuelos.

In September, with the grape harvest, there is a  typical casserole with grape juice, while during the feast of All Saints and All Souls are often made casseroles with coffee and casseroles with “coscurrones”, the latter with croutons and chunks of meat.

At Christmas, after “matanza” (the killing of the pigs”), there is traditional homemade “morcilla de sesos”, which is prepared with brains, egg, bread crumbs, garlic, minced lean meat and parsley, and is a rich sausage. It is also customary to make chorizo.

Another typical Monturque dish is rice with chestnuts.
The co-operativa de aderezo de aceitunas produces the prized pearls of Guadalquivir. The mills produce quality oil, a basic ingredient of fritos and salads.

Monturque’s excellent wine cooperative supplies many fine wines to restaurants and bars in the region, remember here we are in the denomination of origin Montilla – Moriles.


Out of Cordoba. Take E-5 / A-4 direction: N-432, Granada – Sevilla . Follow signs to exit 408 – Málaga. Continue: A-45. Pass near La Rambla and Aguilar. Take the exit towards: Exit 49 – N-33, Monturque – Lucena – A-342, Cabra. Follow signs to Monturque.

Distances from Monturque

Rute 31 km
Cabra 15 km
Lucena 12 km
Cordoba 61 km
Montilla 17 km
Carcabuey 32 km
Puente Genil 23 km
Doña Mencia 26 km
Aguilar de la Frontera 9 km



Cervantes Square in Monturque - Córdoba - Andalusia

Barrera Square in Monturque

Andalucía Square - Monturque

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