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Monuments in Andalusia

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Andalusia – Spain

The religious heritage of Andalusia is breathtaking, if you take a tour of any village, town, city or the provincial capital, you will see many fine examples of the rich religious heritage of our region.

Our Andalucía contains many examples of impressive religious buildings, groups of buildings and monuments of a history and incalculable cultural value.

The region of Andalusia has a rich religious and cultural heritage that can be seen in every corner of Andalusia, within our towns and cities.

Andalucia has many religious monuments which have been declared of High Cultural Interest (BIC, Bien de Interes Cultural), together with many religious monuments of great historical and artistic value.

I would encourage everyone to practice our religious tourism Andalucia. In Andalusia we have many religious monuments to see and learn about, with a great emphasis on those religious monuments which celebrate the worship of God: chapels, basilicas, convents, monasteries, shrines, cathedrals, etc. There are also religious sites from different periods and styles, Gothic monuments, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, Moorish, etc.

Andalucia is a paradise for lovers of architecture and religious art, our cathedrals, churches and chapels are a large part of our historical past.

Within this page we intend to present to you some of our most important religious monuments, monuments to be found in Andalusia, with information and photos.

Although this work on the religious monuments of Andalucia has been carried out to the best of our ability and with our best intentions, we can not guarantee that the information displayed on our website is complete and accurate and while it is for your use, we recommend that it is not copied.

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