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Villages in Granada

Moraleda de Zafayona

Villages in Granada

Moraleda de Zafayona

Moraleda de Zafayona is to be found in the west of the province of Granada, 36 km distant. It falls under the jurisdiction of Alhama de Granada, 22 km away.

Moraleda de Zafayona has an annexe which is Loreto. The administrative limits of the municipality are: to the west: Huétor Tájar, to the northwest: Villanueva de Mesia, to the north-northeast: Íllora, to the east: Pinos Puente, to the southeast: Salar and Cacín, and to the southwest: Chimeneas.

This town, whose name has long been associated with silk production, has been linked historically to Loja, under whose jurisdiction it fell for many years.

Sitting approximately halfway between the regions of La Vega and the ancient Temple, it shares a common history with Alhama and Loja. The municipality, through the development of history, like all of this area of Western Granada, has seen the Roman Empire, the long Muslim rule, the further Christianization after the wars of Granada, and in the nineteenth century, the presence in their lands of Napoleon’s troops during the War of Independence.


Iglesia Parroquial (Parish Church, XVI century).


Cerro de la Mora (Iberian necropolis).
Cortijo de Barrandilla (Iberian-Roman town).
Cortijo de Buenavista (Roman-Visigothic necropolis).


Los Canos.

Moraleda de Zafayona Gastronomy

Here you can find casseroles stews and ‘hornazos’. Among homemade sausages are included pepperoni, longanizas and black pudding. Among the desserts are cakes, donuts ‘piñonates’, fritters and french toast. One of the most typical recipes is black pudding with ‘ajoblanco’.


Leaving Granada. Continue to: E-902 / A-44 heading to Armilla – Motril. Take the exit towards: Exit 125, A-92G, Malaga – Sevilla – N-432 – Córdoba – Airport. At the roundabout, take exit 3 Continue: A-92G direction: N-432, Córdoba – Málaga – Sevilla – Airport. Pass Jardines del Caballo Blanco and Santa Fe. Follow signs towards airport. Keep going towards Malaga and Seville. Pass near Fuensanta. In Loreto, continue along: A-402 / Carreterra del Cruce. Continue to Moraleda de Zafayona.

Distances from Moraleda

Loja 23 km
Tocon 13 km
El Turro 5 km
Brácana 10 km
Granada 36 km
Trasmulas 11 km
Fuensanta 7.5 km
Huétor Tájar 13 km
Milanos (Loja) 20 km
Villanueva de Mesia 11 km

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