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Villages in Sevilla

Morón de la Frontera

Villages in Sevilla

Morón de la Frontera

Morón de la Frontera is located in the south-east of Sevilla, in the area between the countryside and the first of Sierras Subbéticas. The municipality limits with Marchena, Arahal, La Puebla de Cazalla, Montellano, Coripe and Pruna.

Its geographical coordinates are 37º 07′ North, 5º 27′ West, between the countryside and the south sierra of Sevilla. It is at a height of 297 meters and at a distance of 65,9 kilometers from Sevilla, and in its city centre we can find the Air Base of Morón.

Morón de la Frontera is the main village in a rich farming area washed by the river Guadaira. Its main economic activity is the farming, in which we can emphasize the olive grove, cereals and sunflowers. In relation to the industry shows up the food and agriculture one, exactly the industry that is dedicated to the oil production and seasonal of olives. The activities that have to do with lime plaster and graph industry.

The more ancient shanty towns date from the Copper Age, like we can observe in a dolmen.

In Roman age the population increased so much that it was an important village in its time and in which we can see many remains. Plinio quoted it like Aruncci and Strabón like Moró, Morum or Almorul.

After the collapse of the Roman Empire in Morón was built the oldest church in Andalucía, and whose foundations we can see.

During Al-Andalus age Morón de la Frontera increased its population so much that went beyond the walled enclosure and it was on top form during the kingdoms of Tarifas in XI century.

Fernando III carried out the Christian conquest in XIII century and it was transferred to Calatrava Order (Orden de Calatrava).

In the middle of XVI century the Counts Ureña remodeled its castle which they used like residence until 1650.

The castle was used like barracks for the Napoleonic troops during the Independence War and it was blown up in 1812.

From1894 Morón de la Frontera has the title of City.

Monuments in Morón de la Frontera

Church of San Miguél
Church of San Francisco
Victory Church and the Holy Spirit
Church of San Ignacio
Church of Ntra. Sra. de la Merced
Convent of Santa Clara
Church of the Old Hospital of San Juan de Dios
Hermitage of Ntro. Padre Jesús de la Cañada
Archaeological Sites
Convent of Santa María de la Asunción
Town Hall
Cultural Center

Morón de la Frontera Gastronomy

Some typical dishes of Morón de la Frontera are the asparagus (cooked stewed, in soups, omelets or mixed), golden thistle cocktail or esparragás, fried breadcrumbs of Morón, porridges, hunting dishes (rabbits, partridges, etc) and slaughtering products.

In its confectionery we can find sweets made by the nuns of the enclosed convents, such as (delights made with sweet potatoes from California and almonds), almond pastes, tocinos de cielo (pudding made with egg yolk and syrup), fairy cakes, shortbreads, etc

How to get there

From Sevilla take the Motorway A92 until Arahal where you have to take SE435.

From Málaga take the Motorway A 92 until Puebla de Cazalla and take SE451.

From Málaga via Ronda the route of White Villages, take the Motorway A 376 and when you have passed Algodonales take CA 339 towards Coripe and continue by C339

From Cádiz via Arcos de la Frontera take the Motorway A382 until the intersection towards Coripe and continue by C339

Distances from Morón de la Frontera

Sevilla 64 km
Osuna 42 km
Coripe 22 km
Utrera 35 km
El Arahal 19 km
El Coronil 18 km
Marchena 25 km
Montellano 22 km
La Lantejuela 39 km
La Puebla de Cazalla 18 km

Morón de la Frontera

Morón de la Frontera

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