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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Murtas, Alpujarra Granadina

Murtas is located in the eastern area of the Alpujarra Granadina (provincia of Granada), in the south-eastern of Spain. It borders on the towns of Ugíjar, Cádiar, Albondón, Albuñol and Turón and on Alcolea a town of Almería.

The town hall of Murtas is made up of the population centres such as Murtas, Cojáyar and Mecina Tedel.

Murtas has been witness of the human settlements from the Neolithic period. During the nazarí period it belonged to the taha of Sahil. After the conquest of Granada (1492) by the Catholic Monarchs, the village was submitted to a pressure that became in intolerable, and in 1568 a wealthy landowner of the area, Hernando de Válor, which was called Abén Humeya, rose up in arms against Felipe II, causing a general uprising between the Moorish of the entire kingdom in Granada. Internal disagreements between Moorish themselves, who killed to Abén Humeya (1569), allowed that Juan de Austria finished as soon as possible with the uprising. The Moorish would be expelled in 1609. La Alpujarra was being settled with peasants who came from Galicia, León, Asturias and Castilla.


Parish Church of San Miguel (XVIII century), of neoclassic style.
Hermitage of Santa Cruz.

Archaeological Sites

Site of the Neolithic.
Remains of the medieval castle.

Murtas Gastronomy

Murtas has one of the most famous confectionery industries in Granada, the cooperative la Murteña. Besides the traditional Moorish sweets from La Alpujarra, such as the soplillos (a sweet with almonds) and the cuajados, this cooperative makes other of a recent invention, like the almond cheese. The wine-producing tradition has been supported by the Bodegas Cuatro Vientos, which makes quality soups in the province. One of the most famous and delicious dishes is the rabbit to the colorín.

How to get there

From Granada you have to take the road N-323 south (towards Motril). After 37 Km take the exit towards Lanjarón and continue by this road until you arrive to Órgiva. Alleyway of Órgiva, cross the bridge over the river Guadalfeo and pass near Torvizcón and Almegijar. A – 348. Turn right: A-345. Turn left: GR-5202 and you get Murtas.

Distances from Murtas

Turón 18 km
Ugíjar 22 km
Órgiva 55 km
Cádiar 22 km
Cojáyar 10 km
Granada 102 km
Torvizcón 38 km
Almegíjar 38 km
Jorairátar 12 km
Embalse de Beninar 27 km

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