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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Nacimiento – Sierra Nevada Natural Park

Included within the region of Nacimiento, in the valley of the river with its name, this town is situated at the foot of Sierra Nevada and is therefore included in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, one of the natural paradises of the community, for its rich landscape, flora, fauna and anthropology. Much of its lands are devoted to agriculture, especially grapes, through the wealth of water contained, and here is the river that irrigates the region.

Nacimiento is one of the best examples of the deep Almería that has withstood the worst moments of a hard history and that nowadays, on a different reality, it is changing the face and human geography of the province.

Most of the farms in this area were built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, coinciding with strong sales of grapes.

Previously, the farms were not very necessary, because the meadow is very close to the towns, but when the crop of grape was implanted and grew, variety Ohanes, there were required places to perform the task and leave the barrels stored before being transported by carts and horses to the port of Almería, along the river Nacimiento and then the one of Andarax.

In this way it raises a number of farms with large front opened porches by semicircular arches, almost always painted in red and having inside it large caves, superb for the storage of wooden barrels containing the golden grapes.

This type of construction, unique in the area, has fallen into disuse, as the parallel activity decreased, and nowadays they are mere memory of a flourishing period. Some of these buildings are in complete ruin, following the abandonment of their owners.

Nacimiento Monuments

Parish church, XVIII century. Neoclassical style with Mudejar elements.
Cerro de la Ermita with Argaric remains.

Town Planning

Urban Area.

Nacimiento Gastronomy

The typical dishes of this county are characterized by their curious and sensitive development “over a low heat”, contributing to the most characteristic and traditional flavour.

Among other delicious dishes we can highlight the ajo cabañil, ajillo, porridge, migas, sausages and homemade ice cream.

How to get there

You have to exit Almería and take the road to Granada. Cross Huércal de Almería and continue along: A-92A. Benahadux. Alleyway of Alhabia. In the surrounding of Alboloduy, turn right: AL-451, then turn Left: A-1075. Alleyway of Los Navarros. Turn left: ALP-501 and then you get in Nacimiento.

Distances from Nacimiento

Gérgal 13 km
Fiñana 26 km
Almería 50 km
Ohanes 38 km
Escúllar 29 km
Tabernas 33 km
Alboloduy 17 km
Doña María Ocaña 14 km

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