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Villages in Jaen

Navas de San Juan

Villages in Jaen

Navas de San Juan

Navas de San Juan is the town with the greater population in the region of El Condado and it is located in the western area of it.

In its territory we can find arable lands, located at the south and in which the olive grove has evident supremacy over the rest of the cultivated lands, that have cereals grown n dry land. The not cultivated land is dominated by the pastures with or without thicket, in which live a cattle farming dominated by the bovine between them we can find fighting bulls. The pigs and birds in stabling are very important as for the town. The main economic activity is the olive grove followed by the cattle farming and the hunting.

Navas de San Juan should be founded during the Iberian Age by a colonization promoted from the Iberian centre of Cástulo, around the IV century B.C.

During the Roman Age it turned into a key question in the way between Cástulo and Ilugo, like two milestones testifies that appeared in the municipal district. According to the tradition around Navas it was located a “mansio” (an official stopping place on a Roman road), Ad Morum, that was a stop along the Way of Aníbal.

In its territory proliferated the farming cultivations such as the villa and that there were counted seven; between them we can find El Acero or El Cerro Prior.

In the time of Al Andalus Navas it would be a farmhouse or small town inside the administrative district of Sant Astiban. Moslems built a castle, but we only have some photographs, and later it was made improvements by the Christians. In its municipal district we can observe remains of other fortified structures: the castle of Ero and the one located in the present Sanctuary of Santa María de la Estrella.

The lands of Navas de San Juan were conquered in 1226 by Fernando III and made up the free lands, under the jurisdiction of Santisteban. In 1254 the king Alfonso X donated Santisteban to the Town Council of Úbeda. In 1285 the king Sancho IV turned again Santisteban together with its municipal districts in free villa.

In the XIV century, Navas and Castellar formed, by royal privilege, the lordship of Santisteban, given by Enrique II to Men Rodríguez Benavides. In 1473 Enrique IV turns it into county, awarded to Diego Sánchez de Benavides the tile of count of Santisteban. In 1793 Felipe V gives the title to duchy and gave it to the House of Medinaceli. The link with Santisteban during the Modern Age finished in 1802 with the awarding on the part of Carlos IV of the privilege of villazgo.


Parish church of San Juan Bautista, at the end of XVI century. It was built by Juan de Ostiaga. Inside we can observe the bell tower and the mannerist façade, decorated with diamond-cut plaques.

Hermitage of La Virgen de la Estrella, XVIII century. It was built over the remains of an Arab fortress.

Archaeological Remains

Remains of the old Arab large fortified tower.

Castle, at the end of IX. Remains of the Arab castle.

Town Planning

Mountain town.

Urban area of interest.

Stately homes.


Ajoblanco (a cold soup with bread, crushed almonds, garlic, water, olive oil, salt and vinegar). Pipirrana (a salad with onion, tomato and cucumber). Potatoes with paprika. Andrajos of hare (a stew of flour flat cakes with fried tomato, onion, garlic and red pepper). Kid with ajo cabañil (crushed garlic with vinegar, potatoes, etc). Oatmeal porridges with matalahúva (a seed used like condiment). Chachepol (fairy cake soaked in liqueur). Imilces. Turcas.

How to get there

You have to exit Jaén and continue in J-14. In the roundabout, you have to take the exit 2 and continue in E-902 / A-44 towards Bailén – Madrid. Then take the exit towards: Salida 3 – Bailén – A-32 – Linares – Albacete – Úbeda. In the roundabout take the exit 1 and continue in the Motorway A-32 / N-322 towards Linares – Albacete – Úbeda. Then take the exit towards Salida 116 – Linares, take the Motorway A-312. Alleyway of Arquillos and continue until Navas de San Juan.


To Jaén 87 km
To Linares 35 km
To Vilches 24 km
To Sabiote 25 km
To Arquillos 11 km
To La Carolina 33 km
To Beas de Segura 47 km
To Santisteban del Puerto 14 km
To Villanueva del Arzobispo 41 km
To Castellar de Santisteban 22 km

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