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Water Dams in Granada

Negratín Dam

Water Dams in Granada

Negratin Dam – Reservoir

The Negratin Dam is located in the Guadiana Menor riverbed, with a surface of 2.170 hectares, the reservoir form part of the Andalusian municipalities of Cuevas del Campo, Freila, Zujar, Cortes de Baza, Baza and Benamaurel, all in the province of Granada, Spain.

The Negratin reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir, area of Granada.

Objectives-Purpose of the Negratin Dam & Reservoir

* Irrigation
* Electricity
* Fishing
* Ecological Flow

Negratin Dam Features

The reservoir basin has 3.877 km2 with an average rainfall of 337,1 mm. and an average annual contribution of 292 hm3.

Type of Dam: mixed gravity and loose materials with asphalt screen, straight plant with a crest lenght of 439 m and 10 meters width. Gated spillway. Botton drains type with 2 channels and a drainage capacity of 120 m3/s.

The Negratin Reservoir has an surface n.m.n. of 2.170 hectares and a capacity of 576 Hm3. The capacity of this reservoir is only surpassed by the Iznajar Reservoir (981 hm3), the Guadalcacin Reservoir (853,4 hm3) and the Andevalo Reservoir (634,40 hm3)

Negratin Dam - Reservoir - Freila
Negratin Dam - Reservoir

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