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Villages in Huelva


Villages in Huelva


Nerva is a town famous for its mines which belongs to Andévalo and is situated east of the province, on the border with the province of Seville, in an earthy and mountainous landscape within the Parque Minero itself. The municipality limits with Campofrío, Higuera de la Sierra, Minas de Riotinto y El Madroño.

The town took the name of Nerva in the year 1885, becoming a municipality (formerly, like other towns of la Cuenca, it belonged to the village of Zalamea la Real) due to a plaque honoring the Roman emperor, found in 1772 in one of the galleries near the village. It was formerly known as Aldea de Riotinto. It is the most populous municipality in the district with a population of 7194, and has an area of 56 Km2.

Of great interest are the archaeological remains near the town centre, among them the Roman settlement of Arenillas, the dolmen of La Lancha and a grouping of “cista” burial sites at la Parrita. Equally interesting is the Town Hall whose tower recalls aesthetically the Arab minarets. It was built in the late nineteenth century and its interior contains a large collection of contemporary paintings, which showcase the work of several local artists such as José María Labrador.

Nerva Monuments

Town Hall tower

Fuente de la Reu.


Archeological Sites

“Cista” burial sites of La Parrita


Excellent meat dishes. Mushrooms (gurumelos, tana, tontullo). Cuttlefish with gurumelos.

Nerva – Directions

Leave Huelva, heading towards San Juan del Puerto – Trigueros – Fregenal de la Sierra. On the outskirts of San Juan del Puerto, turn right onto the N-435 heading towards Trigueros – Badajoz. Pass through Trigueros. Continue along the A-493. Pass through Valverde del Camino. Continue on the Carretera de Zalamea. Continue on the N-435. Pass near El Pozuelo. Pass through Zalamea la Real and El Campillo. Continue until you pass Minas de Riotinto, and Nerva is then only a short distance away.

Distances from Nerva

Huelva 74 km
Sevilla 79 km
Berrocal 18 km
Trigueros 55 km
El Pozuelo 21 km
Zalamea la Real 12 km
Membrillo Alto 18 km
Minas de Riotinto 4,5 km

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