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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Nevada, Laroles, Júbar, Mairena y Picena

The municipality of Nevada is formed by the union of the smaller localities of Laroles, Jubar, Mairena and Picena (forming these last two as autonomous local entities), and is situated in the northeastern part of the Alpujarra Granadina (province of Granada ), in southeastern Spain. It borders the Granada municipalities of Ferreira, Aldeire, Valor and Ugíjar and the Almerian municipalities of Bayárcal and Alcolea .

Much of the municipality is located within the Sierra Nevada National Park .
Laroles, the administrative head of the municipality of Nevada, belonged during the time of Muslim domination to the taja of Ugíjar, being called in ancient times Alaroles. The history of the territory of this municipality is coupled to the other towns of the Alpujarras, a region which, by its geographical isolation, has developed its own independent culture, which had its moments of glory in the Arab Andalusian period, when the entire Alpujarras region was an important emporium specializing in the production of silk.

After the conquest of Granada (1492) by the Catholic Monarchs, the population was gradually subjected to a pressure that eventually became intolerable, and in 1568 a wealthy landowner in the area, Hernando de Valor, who took the name of Aben Humeya , took up arms against Philip II, causing a revolt among the Moors of the whole kingdom of Granada. The towns of Laroles, Mairena, Picena and Jubar (which since 1974 were integrated into the municipality of Nevada) played a role in this guerrilla war, largely due to their strategic locations at the northern entrance, as the gate to la Ragua and La Alpujarra.

Internal dissensions among the Moors ended with the killing Abén Humeya (1569), allowing Juan of Austria to deal swiftly with the uprising. The Moors were definitely expelled in 1609, and La Alpujarra was then repopulated with settlers from Galicia, Leon, Asturias and Castilla.

Nevada Monuments

Iglesia Parroquial de Laroles (Laroles Parish Church, XVI century, its characteristic tower was built in the eighteenth century.
Iglesia Parroquial de Picena (Picena Parish Church.)
Iglesia Parroquial de Mairena (Mairena Parish Church.)
Iglesia de Jubar (Jubar Church, the oldest in La Alpujarra.)

Nevada Gastronomy

Lindo (winter vegetable salad)
Olla de San Marcos (stew of thistles)
Migas with ‘enganifa’
Papas a lo Pobre (a potato dish)
Fennel stew
‘Gitano’ (gypsy) stew
Arroz ‘liberal’ (a rice dish)
Cabbage stew
Choto with garlic
Beans with ham


Leaving Granada, at the roundabout take the 2nd exit. Continue along: E-902 / A-44 heading to Armilla – Motril. Pass near Maracena and Peligros. Follow directions: Exit 118 – A-92
Almeria – Murcia – Málaga – Algeciras – N-432 – Córdoba – Airport. Follow signs to Almeria – Murcia. Pass Albolote, continue: A-92. Take the exit towards: Exit 312 – A-337 – La Calahorra – Puerto de la Ragua – Cherín – GR-820 – Charcha. At the roundabout, take exit 3 Continue: A-337 direction: Calahorra – Puerto de la Ragua – Cherín. Pass La Calahorra and arrive at Laroles.

Distances from Nevada

Berja 43 km
Cádiar 30 km
Ugíjar 19 km
Alcolea 30 km
Trevelez 48 km
Canjáyar 56 km
Granada 115 km
La Calahorra 30 km
Mecina Bombarón 22 km
Láujar de Andarax 37 km
Puerto de la Ragua 16 km

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