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Water Dams in Almeria

Nijar Dam

Water Dams in Almeria

Nijar Dam – Isabel II Reservoir

Nijar Dam, also known as Isabel II Reservoir is located on the bed of the Carrizal River, in the andalusian municipality of Nijar, in Almeria.

The construction of the Nijar Dam represented a major hydraulic works of the nineteenth century.

Construction began in 1842 with funding from a company owned by more than one thousand shareholders and an investment of 10 million of “reales”. The work was directed by architect D. Jeronimo Ros and inaugurated in 1850.

The lack of a zone of low rainfall, the lack of hydrological studies and the location in a basin with a little extension justify the resounding failure of this great building.

After the construction of the wall, they had to confront other works that would ensure the water pipe from the reservoir to the new irrigation systems, and the provision of “fixed and continuous water” that feed when floods of the Rambla del Carrizal scarce effect of drought.

Every effort would be insufficient, since the failure began to manifest from the very moment that the rambladas would accumulate in the basin  of its trawl abundant sludge.

For the year 1861 the reservoir was partially filled and a decade later almos completely blinded.

The dam wall was built using the Cerrada de los Tristanes, natural closure of the Rambla del Carrizalejo, a safe an stable location that is strategically located on the vast plains to the nort of Campohermoso, uncultivated land, good soil and sunny which is intended to put into production with the sale of water accumulated in the Isabel II reservoir.

It is a building  of 44 m long and 25 m high, in the form of arched out ward slope descends, first in three staggered widths and then three of thinness.

The spillway and the 25 km pipeline goes to the Tristanes Neghbourhood where two large distribution warehouses are.

The channel has lots of consistent reinforcements when the troughs or drops sharply. In its final phase, the pipeline was heading Campohermoso which ended today.

Some of the sections of this channel currently used to conduct water to the greenhouses.


* Designer: Gerónimo Ros Giménez
* Type of Dam: Gravity and curve plant
* Height from foundation: 31 m
* Length of coronation: 105 m
* Spillway: Lámina libre
* Volume of Dam: 60(103m3)
* Capacity: 5 hm3
* Spillway capacity: 30 m3/s
* UTM coordinates: 30: 0574955 – 4093480
* Completion of work: 1850 – 1878

Nijar Dam & Reservoir - Isabel II Dam

Presa de Níjar - Embalse de Isabel II - Pantano de Isabel II - Presa de Isabel II - Níjar - Almería

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