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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada


The Andalusian municipality of Nívar is located in the Vega de Granada Region, north-central zone, Sierra de la Yedra. Nívar limits with the municipalities of Cogollos Vega, Huétor-Santillán, Alfacar and Güévejar.

The palce-name of Nívar has traditionally been related to the Carthaginian general Anibal. In the Andalusian period, it was called Hannibal or Hisn Nibal, which meant “Castle of Nibal”. Despite their similarity, experts have denied the possibility that one name derives from the other. Another of the origins of the toponym is Roman, Nívalis, which translates as snowy. During the time of Moorish settlement and irrigation system was created in the municipality and it was an alquería.

It has also been determined the existence of a border fortress in the so-called Cerro del Castillejo, populary known in the village as “La Peña del Bartolo”. Nívar also has its role in the war of Granada, since it was one of the accesses chosen by the Christians to enter Sierra Nevada. In this place virulent confrontations took place. After the expulsion of the Moriscos there was a depopulation of these lands and the subsequent distribution of boundaries and haciendas.

Nívar Monuments

Santo Cristo de la Salud Parish Church
El Castillejo

Distances from the town

Granada 14 km
Alfacar 8 km
Víznar 6 km
Güevéjar 3,5 km
Cogollos Vega 3 km
Huétor-Santillán 12 km

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