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Villages in Córdoba

Nueva Carteya

Villages in Córdoba

Nueva Carteya

Nueva Carteya is half way between the flat open countryside and the Sierras Subbeticas, to the south of the province, its lands covered almost entirely by a sea of olive trees that give it an aspect of fertility and wealth. The municipality limits with Castro del Río, Baena, Doña Mencía and Monturque.

Although there are Iberian remains, its birth as such dates from 1822, as a village under the jurisdiction of Cabra. The village therefore offers a newly built quiet and careful look that contrasts with the surrounding hills populated with olive trees.

Nueva Carteya is situated in a large region in which archaeological remains testify to a settlement that could be traced back to prehistoric times, but it was during the Edad Antigua (ancient times) when these lands reached their greatest importance.

Its strategic location, surrounded by high hills, allowed Iberian cultures like the Roman or Visigoths to take this area as being ideal for the defense and control of the rest of the territories. Testimony to this are the numerous archaeological remains found in the highest points of the town, the Plaza de Armas and El Higueron, and now preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Cordoba.

So therefore Iberian sculptures, among which are three lions made of limestone, together with Roman coins and pottery attest to the intense activity that existed in this area. Another of the most important findings of this stage is the aqueduct that connected the Plaza de Armas with Ucubi (Espejo).

Preserved from the Middle Ages there is a Visigoth sepulchral “Estela” of white limestone from the necropolis of the quarries of the sixth century. La Torre del Puerto, and several swords discovered also reflect the struggles that faced the Arab and Christian sides during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

In the Modern Age, Monte Horquera was a large area of grass and oak pastures in which the aristocratic classes dould enjoyed many hunts.

Finally, the village of Nueva Carteya was founded in 1822 by the baenense cleric Don Diego Carro, under the name Aldea de San Juan; it was to be much later when it would take its current name.


San Pedro Apostol Parish Church, neoclassical, nineteenth century, with eighteenth century altarpiece
San Pedro (chapel, XVII century).
Circulo de la Amistad
Mercado neomudéjar, 1927. (market)
Marqués de Estella Square
Calle Montilla.

Archaeological Sites

El Higueron (Roman remains).
La Tejuela (Visigoth necropolis).
Sequeira (medieval silos).

Parque Placido Fernandez Viagas.

Gastronomy of Nueva Carteya

The carteyana cuisine is strongly influenced by its olive oil with Designation of Origin, the main pride of its inhabitants and one of the best in the world. Care of the olive tree is a tradition deeply rooted among carteyanos. The dedication in the olive harvest and oil processing, which takes place in the mill, turn this process into an art pure and worthy to be followed step by step.

Anyone who comes to Nueva Carteya can enjoy the process all the way from the start in the field, to the tasting of the oil in the millers breakfast.

Among the savory dishes to be noted are: mojete of “papas” (fries covered with a tasty sauce made from parsley, garlic and bread crumbs); migas with bacon and sausage, a traditional dish which used to be eaten on rainy autumn days, salmorejo, essential to cool off on hot summer days, and oranges with oil, a very simple but delicious dish that was traditionally taken by the whole family at harvest time.

But perhaps the greatest gastronomic pleasure of the earth is the typical practice of the “remojon” or dip (freshly baked bread is dipped in olive oil, accompanied by olives and tomatoes).

Finally, note the delicious carteyanos sweets, most notably the so-called pan candy: pestiños flores gajorros, donuts, as well as baking sweets: cakes, donuts and muffins.


Out of Cordoba. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit Continue along the road towards Granada. Continue: N-432. Pass Santa Cruz. Around Espejo, continue on: A-304. At the roundabout, take exit 3 Continue: CP-043. Take CP-189. Turn left: A-3130. Arrive at Nueva Carteya.


Córdoba 50 km
Baena 17km
Espejo 16 km
Montilla 20 km
Castro del Rio 14 km
Dona Mencía 15 km
Montemayor 31 km
Fernán Núñez 34 km
Aguilar de la Frontera 28 km

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