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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Obejo – Sierra Morena

Obejo is situated in the Sierra Morena, 44 km from Cordoba, and is a town in the mountains amid breathtaking landscapes. Before reaching the carreterra CV-81, and among the last bends you will see Fuenfría, sitting on the mountain of the same name, and the municipality has the highest summit (775 m).

Access to the village is by calle Cordoba, which runs into the Plaza de Espana, at the centre of the village, and around which are the many white flat roofed houses.

Sitting in the heart of Sierra Morena, El castillo de Ubal  (Obejo) has been mentioned by al-Idrisi in the twelfth century. In the thirteenth century it appears in the archival documents of the Cathedral of Cordoba as Evallo or Uballo. It is actually a Romance name. Uballa is the Mozarabic name of a species of wild grape that grows on the roof of the houses. (uva de zorra).

The location of the village favours much isolation. Not for nothing did it go unnoticed until well after the reconquest of the area. By one estimate, it has been said that after the reconquest of Cordoba by Ferdinand II, el Santo, his troops did not find Obejo until some time later, took the fortress, and its castle was one of those Fernando III handed over to the jurisdiction of the city of Cordoba in 1243.


San Antonio Abad Parish Church
San Benito Chapel, in honor of its patron (XVIII).


Remains of the castle of Obejo (Caliphate era).


Barrio of Cerro Muriano, with its CIR and BRIM.

Obejo Gastronomy

Its rich and varied cuisine, directly linked to local species of fauna, is a delight to the most exquisite taste. The most representative dishes that can be tasted in any bar in the area are marinated chicken, goat in almond sauce, suckling pig and “cochifrito de lechon” and albondigas de lomo (meatballs); For dessert you should not leave without trying fritters San Benito.


Out of Cordoba. Continue: N-432. Around El Vacar, turn right: CO-0081. Follow signs to Obejo.

Distances from Obejo

Espiel 28 km
El Vacar 17km
Cordoba 44 km
Villaharta 12 km
Pozoblanco 41km
La Canaleja 17km
Villanueva de Cordoba 38 km
Villaviciosa de Cordoba A 37 km

Presa de Guadanuño

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