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Ojén – Chorrillo Fountain

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Ojén – Chorrillo Fountain

The Chorrillo Fountain is located at the A-7103 if you coming from Marbella, just before you arrive the town of Ojén.

This is one of the many springs found in the Ojén Mountains. Located at the foot of the Blanca Mountains and surrounded by centenarian Cork Oak trees, it has only one spout from which fresh mountain water flows. The limestone formations of the mountains act as a sponge, storing rain water that later flows from many different points.

In the past, this fountain was a rest place for the miners who worked in the Ojén mines and who had to pass this way each day on their way to work. There are many remains of the mines, among which we can mention El Peñoncillo, mined until twenty years ago and that, during the past century, supplied the blast furnaces in Malaga with iron ore.

Today, this charming and beautiful area attracts visitors thanks to its water and its magnificent views of the Parda Mountains in the background and of the town of Ojén.

Chorrillo Fountain - Ojen

Ojén Town Hall

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