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Ojén – Mill Museum

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Ojén – Mill Museum

The Mill Museum is located near Ojén Town Hall and just few minutes from the Chorros Fountain.

An ancient mil, recently restored, which displays how oil was extracted from olives in the past. Access is by means of a portico that opens into the “Trojes” (Granaries) yard, where the olives were stored until they were ground. The stone machinery and the press, located inside the building were driven by the abundant water found in these lands.

The external structure is similar to that of a country house where, on entering, one finds a yard that was used to store the olives and, perhaps, material used to prepare the famous eau-de-vie from Ojén.

In this room, there is an enormous water-driven mill and if look downwards, we can even see the water turbine used to move the mill.

We may also see an acient and totally restored eau-de-vie still (used to prepare the famous Ojen eau-de-vie).

Occasionally, this small museum doubles as an exhibition centre, usually to display photographs.

Mill Museum - Ojén

Ojén Town Hall

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