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Castles in Cadiz

Olvera Castle

Castles in Cadiz

Olvera Castle

Olvera Castle is located in the locality of Olvera, in the province of Cádiz, within the urban area and with an altitude approximately of 623 m.

This castle was formed round the medieval city being part of the defensive system of the Nazari Kingdom of Granada. It was constructed at the end of the XII century by the Christians over and arab fortress after its reconquest by Alfonso XI after a siege in 1372. One the War of Granada endedand lost its military value, the castle ceased to exercise its defensive funtion.

The castle possesses evident Christian characteristics in its construction, product of the numerous modifications it suffered during its conquest by the Castilian troops.

Its plant is very irrregular, resembling and enlogated triangle adapting to the very shape of the cliff, with one sole access door protected by a barbican and finished off with a shield.

On the south part, the keep tower rises with a rectangular plant and rounded apex, with constitutes the main element of the defensive devices of the castle. Its architecture indicates solid volumes, simplicity and great purity. It is constrcuted of masonry, with rows of irregural stones joined with cannon vaults. The sections of the walls conserve remains of the two turrets, one semicircular and the other pentagonal, as well as two semicircular cubes.

Facts: distances

Fortress that is part of the Route of the Castle, Witnesses of the Reconquest.

Complete Itinerary:

Castle of the Aguzaderas (El Coronil): on A-376, km 52.8 direction Montellano, 3 km from The Coronil.

Castle Cote (Montellano): on the A-8127 leadership Coripe, km 3,5.

Castle Arabic (Morón de la Frontera): From A-8127 binds the A-361, after 19 km. find Morón de la Frontera, is located in the heart of the fortress town.

Castle del Hierro (Pruna): From Morón direction Pruna, on th eA-406 and linking the A-363, at 33 kms. It stands the rocky hill.

Medieval Castle (Olvera): Pruna Olvera direction by the A-363 to 7,5 kms. is the rising strength of this people gaditano on a rock in the middle of town.

Legend: Treasure Seekers

The hunt for hidden treasure has been widely practicad for a long period of time in Olvera. This is motivated by the belief that the moors had left diverse treasures hidden in the castle and its walls which they considered they could not take with them upon abandoning the location after surrendering to the Castilian King Alfonso XI.

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