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Osuna Monuments

Osuna – Palace of Miguel Reina Jurado

Osuna Monuments

Palace of Miguel Reina Jurado (Old Post Office) - OsunaPalace of Miguel Reina Jurado – Old Post Office

The Palace of Miguel Reina Jurado (Old Post Office) is located in C/ San Agustín (street), between the Town Hall and the Church of San Agustín in Plaza Santa Rita (Santa Rita Square), in the town of Osuna, Sevilla province.

In 1765, don Miguel de Reina y Jurado asked for permission to the City Hall to put a front of sepia stone which completed the complex of his palace which included a covered courtyard in both floors and a huge staircase. The settlement of the Post Office in the decade of the 70s (20th Century) meant that part of the building disappeared, nowadays only the stone front is preserved.

Palacio de Miguel Reina Jurado
C/ San Agustín
Osuna – Sevilla

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